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Our Team



Established in December 2012, The Shiok Collective is a social enterprise that embraces our Singaporean culture and shares “shiok” (meaning: awesome, feel good) stories about our local community. We take pride and derive huge satisfaction from people, places and things that are 100% made in Singapore. Regardless of race, language or religion, we make every effort to support and put our local community in the spotlight through our online store and events.

We are proud to be lah-cal.



To support our local community and reignite the good ole’ kampong spirit.


We are a diverse group. The one thing we have in common is our penchant for curiosity and our passion for broken English. The result? A unique group of Singaporeans.

Charlyn Yap

Charlyn Yap


Social media ninja by day, dreamer by night, she is 5 feet of dynamite and will blow you away with her ideas, drive and passion for life. When Shiok’s founder, Charlyn is not maintaining ship, she can be found immersing herself with music, infecting the world with her laughter and globetrotting around the world. Even with all the air miles she has accumulated, home will always be where her heart is.



Andrew Tan

Andrew Tan


Andrew has made it his personal mission to hunt for Singapore’s next hawker hero, and whether it is breakfast, lunch, dinner or supper, you can find him prowling in the Jalans and Lorongs of Singapore’s heartlands. The self-taught funny man, Andrew will “knock knock” on your door until you slam it shut in his face. His secret desire is to have someone write a memoir that includes each and every one of his jokes in chronological order.



Calvin Kang

Calvin Kang

Director of Community Partnerships

Singapore’s very own 100m national sprinter and Milo poster boy is one who wears many shoes. Contrary to the athletic stereotype, he can be taken seriously and loves suiting up like Barney Stinson. With his overflowing passion for film and photography, Calvin documents almost his entire life with his camera/iPhone/GoPro. If you name it, he has probably taken a picture of it, instagram-ed it and #hashtag-ed it!



Natalie Goh

Natalie Goh

Head of Marketing / PR

Natalie has a background in public relations and events management working with local and global brands, but her heart really lies in the fast-moving world that is digital media. She lives by the belief that one never ever stops learning and pursues her penchant for design and craft after hours. Coupled with her eye for (quirky) style and her love for SIN city, the role of Shiok’s digital media strategist fits like a charm.



Asyraf Azlan

Asyraf Azlan

Finance Manager

Asyraf serves as Shiok’s Human Wallet who keeps the cash and tell us if we can spend it, just like your strict asian tiger mum. He’s also the guy who manages our Shiok! shop and make sure you get your items. On a side note, he would probably fail math without a calculator (just kidding). Despite enjoying seeing the world and spending all his money on frivolous stuff, he is your typical guy next door with a simple character.



Samuel Low


Having written for several online publications and bloggers, Samuel understands that everyone has their own style of writing. Unless he needs to be, he is no grammar nazi. A strong believer of originality and creativity, he is always looking for new ways to express them. When he is not writing online, Samuel can be found at home watching dramas and television serials to feed his imagination.






Wilson Lim

Product Manager