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Tag: local

Favian Ee

Favian Ee: The Visual Story Teller

Imagine a world without your smartphone camera and social media, and it won’t be long before you scurry in frustration like an anxious ant under the heat. However, there are those who are readily prepared if a smartphone crisis were to…

Maker movement

Forget Shopping, Go D.I.Y

Having a water-tight budget for my new 3-room BTO was perhaps one of my BIGGEST blessings in life! But before you shake your head at such a disturbing statement that will cause anyone’s Ma and Pa to gape in horror, my quest…


Top 5 Local Beverage Artisans Who Beat the Heat (Part 1)

Summer outifts, summer playlists, summer movies. Whilst most people from various parts of the world welcome the sunshine and warmth of summer with wide embraces and smiles, we, as Singaporeans, have had enough of the merciless heat of summer. After…


Shu Han Lee: Chef & Graphic Designer

Meet Shu Han – A graphic designer, stylist, supperclub chef and dishwasher, food writer,  and occasional cook. We came across her lovely Mee (noodle) and Kueh (cake) posters on Naiise and just had to reach out to her to get to…

Khong Guan

Made-in-SG & Proud to be LAH-cal!

Singapore has recently just turned 49 years old, and while August may be coming to an end, we should not be so quick to move on to the next big event or fireworks celebration. Even though we celebrate together as…