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Category: P-R


Quanda Ong: Jekyll’s Hyde

Quanda Ong is no stranger to Shiok, having been interviewed previously in March by the lovely Arista. We bring this wonderful visionary in again to talk about his newly launched series, Book II: Jekyll’s Hyde. For the uninitiated, the series is based…


Patrick Yee: Illustrator of ‘A Boy Named Harry’

It is no exaggeration to say that Patrick Yee has been drawing his entire life. Since his primary school days, Patrick has been very attracted to arts and crafts, in particular drawing. After serving his full time National Service (NS),…


Robin Ong: Sales and Marketing Manager of Busybody Studios

What is BusybodySG about? BusybodySG is a homegrown instant print photography service that is affordable for anyone looking to inject fun into their event. Everyone loves mementoes for special occasions and what beats taking photographs and having them printed out…

IIE Fair

Robin Lim and Roslyn Teng: Co-founders of MadeReal

Concerned with the dissatisfaction that society seems to have with regards to the perception of their bodies, both Robin and Roslyn decided to set up a community that aims to empower individuals in this area. This is how Made Real…


Quanda Ong: Founder of Gnome and Bow

Remember the stories you used to read as a kid? Timeless tales like Aesop’s Fables or the Three Little Pigs – these are stories that never grew old; classics that continue to live through each generation. What if design could…

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 6.48.58 pm

Qing Xin, Cheang : Rock Climber and Slackliner

Cheang Qing Xin (QX) is an avid rock climber and slackliner. He and his wife, Kelly Khiew, were the first Singaporean couple to do the Big Wall climb in Yosemite ascending El Capitan, Half Dome and Washington Column in 2011….

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Philip Chew: The Heritage Blogger

Philip Chew is the great grandson of Chew Joo Chiat, after whom Joo Chiat Road was named. Through his blog, he wishes to share more information about his great grandfather and the Joo Chiat area. This is Philip Chew.

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Roxanne Toh: Co-owner of Overdoughs

Roxanne Toh co-owns a Middle Eastern-themed bakery Overdoughs with her partner, Bjorn Shen. She meets different people everyday, introducing and educating them about the Middle Eastern cuisine. This is Roxanne Toh.