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Category: J-L

miniJon miniatures

miniJon – Meet the tiny world of wonders

The recent Maker’s Faire in June 2016 may be over, but my memory of the awesome works by many local DIY makers held at the Singapore University of Technology and Design never left my mind. Had I not trotted up the…


Jaslyn and Vito: Founders of Mini-Nature

Have you heard of Nature in a Bottle? Jaslyn Goh, a financial planner and Vito, an Environmental Science undergrad in NUS are the duo behind Mini-Nature, the producer of some 1000 customised terrariums that have found their way into offices…


A Tribute to Singapore’s founding father Lee Kuan Yew

Having been warded at Singapore General Hospital since 5th February, Mr Lee’s condition deteriorated over the months and it was with great sadness when we heard of his passing on 23rd March and when we mourned through the week. Singapore…


Joseph Schooling: ST Athlete of the Year

It is the last day of Chinese New Year, and at Raffles Hotel’s grand ballroom, we are eagerly awaiting the announcement of ST Athlete of the Year. 2014 was a stellar year for Singapore sports, and we broke much ground….

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 6.44.16 pm

Kenneth Liew: The Devoted Husband

Kenneth Liew’s wife fell into a coma five years ago. He has kept his promise to cherish and love her in sickness and in health. This is Kenneth Liew.


Jacinda Ng: The Little Affair

Hey Mums and Dads out there, you are going to thank us for this lobang! Want the discount code? You’re gonna have to keep scrolling before you dress your kids up and get fancy with fashionable clothing for your little…


Lawrence Koh: Co-founder of ShopAbout

What’s better than shopping at the Great Singapore Sale? How about having the Great Singapore Sale at your fingertips? That’s what ShopAbout is all about. As one of Singapore’s fastest growing offline-to-online marketplaces, ShopAbout is on a mission to bring…