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Category: D-F

Favian Ee

Favian Ee: The Visual Story Teller

Imagine a world without your smartphone camera and social media, and it won’t be long before you scurry in frustration like an anxious ant under the heat. However, there are those who are readily prepared if a smartphone crisis were to…


MOFO CHILI: Chilli sauces that will put you on FIRE!

If burning your tongue with searing hot spiciness is your daily holy grail, then MOFO CHILI is one contender that you should not ignore. Move away Tabasco, sambal chilli and chilli padi. This hot, hot, HOT vegetarian concoction of fresh yet…


Daryl Lim: Owner of Tart & Co

It is becoming a trend for the younger generations to step out of their comfort zone in search of their own dreams. Let’s hear from Daryl Lim, the owner of Tart & Co, who has left his stable job and…


Elaine Heng & Min Yi: Dancers for Ballet Under The Stars

At Shiok! We have an exclusive interview with the dancers behind ‘Ballet Under The Stars’ (BUTS) coming to you in July.Conceived in 1995, Ballet Under the Stars is one of Singapore’s favourite outdoor events. SDT Artistic Director Janek Schergen comments,…