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Category: A-C

Castles Can Fly

Alvin Lee: Founder of Castles Can Fly

Castles Can Fly, So Can You Far right in yellow tee: Alvin Lee, founder of Castles Can Fly Looking over the glistening sea under the golden sunshine, a small stone castle with short blue steeples stands proudly before teams of…

Simitaiji Team

Shawn Heng & Ashley Wang: Co-founders of Simitaiji

‘Simitaiji?’ is a local slang to ask ‘What’s Up?’. Just like other Singaporean phrases, it can take on other meanings. With a change in tone, it could mean ‘What’s your problem?!’ (another local slang) or even a friendlier ‘Hey, how…

Agnes Chandra is going botak for charity!

Going BOTAK for a Good Cause

Hair is our crowning glory and some of us might cringe at the idea of a bad hair day, or (gasp!), parting with it. However, Agnes Chandra, considered it a natural choices to shave off her hair, to raise funds…


Ben Qwek: New Mentor for Noise Singapore

Noise Singapore, an initiative of the National Arts Council, has always been focused on showcasing the creative talents of young people below 35 years old. Budding artists or musicians interested to learn the workings of the art and design, music, and photography…


Audrey Tan: Co-founder of PlayMoolah

Say what you want about money. It can’t buy you happiness. It’s important. It’s not important. It’s never enough. One thing’s for certain though: it’s not going away anytime soon. Money, depending on your perspective, can range from being a…

Chirashi in handle bowl - bowl & ingredients from Zairyo

Amanda Tan: Founder of Zairyo

Eating out in an increasingly congested city such as ours is proving to be quite a chore, with one having to contend with incessant queuing, compromised service standards and ever increasing prices. Enter niche fresh food suppliers such as Zairyo, who…

Great Eastern Women's Run

Cheryl Tay: Motorsports journalist Part 2

Having recently shared an exclusive interview with leading motorsports journalist Cheryl Tay, in conjunction with the Great Eastern Women’s Run, we are now inviting Cheryl to tell you why you should run! It’s relatively cheaper to pick up running… When…


Crystel Tan: Founder of DessertGuroo

Have a sweet tooth? Well we do too and chanced upon every dessert lovers’ dream… DessertGuroo! Meet Crystel Tan, the founder of DessertGuroo. As a young girl, Crystel watched her parents work hard on their business (Asia Dessert Pte Ltd) and…

Screen Shot 2014-10-29 at 4.09.05 pm

Bjorn Low: Founder of Edible Gardens

Bjorn Low is an Urban farmer and the founder of Edible Gardens. He hopes to help everyone in Singapore understand the importance of food growing. This is Bjorn Low.

Cheryl Tay Gym

Cheryl Tay: Motorsports journalist Part 1

Shiok! is proud to feature Cheryl Tay in this exclusive interview. A household name to many, this sports and fitness enthusiast first established herself in the world of cars and motorsports. As a female in a male-dominated world, Cheryl is one…