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Author Archives: Singaporean of The Day

Singaporean of The Day

About Singaporean of The Day

Singaporean of the Day is a project created by Jeff Cheong and a group of friends, through conversations with people from all corners of Singapore. They talk to people on the streets, in the malls, at coffee shops, schools, void decks and even trains, to catch a glimpse of their dreams and hopes for this little island we call home.
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Qing Xin, Cheang : Rock Climber and Slackliner

Cheang Qing Xin (QX) is an avid rock climber and slackliner. He and his wife, Kelly Khiew, were the first Singaporean couple to do the Big Wall climb in Yosemite ascending El Capitan, Half Dome and Washington Column in 2011….

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Kenneth Liew: The Devoted Husband

Kenneth Liew’s wife fell into a coma five years ago. He has kept his promise to cherish and love her in sickness and in health. This is Kenneth Liew.

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Sarah Cheng-De Winne: Singer-Songwriter

Sarah Cheng-De Winne is a multifaceted singer-songwriter. Singing is not just a career for her but a channel she hopes to use to reach out to more people. This is Sarah Cheng-De Winne.

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Philip Chew: The Heritage Blogger

Philip Chew is the great grandson of Chew Joo Chiat, after whom Joo Chiat Road was named. Through his blog, he wishes to share more information about his great grandfather and the Joo Chiat area. This is Philip Chew.

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Mary Ee: The Active Volunteer

Aunty Mary is 75 years old and she loves people. She always finds time to help people who are in need via active volunteering. This is Aunty Mary.

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Bjorn Low: Founder of Edible Gardens

Bjorn Low is an Urban farmer and the founder of Edible Gardens. He hopes to help everyone in Singapore understand the importance of food growing. This is Bjorn Low.

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Roxanne Toh: Co-owner of Overdoughs

Roxanne Toh co-owns a Middle Eastern-themed bakery Overdoughs with her partner, Bjorn Shen. She meets different people everyday, introducing and educating them about the Middle Eastern cuisine. This is Roxanne Toh.

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Lee Yoon Tong: The Alley Barber

Lee Yoon Tong, 74 years old, is one of the six remaining street alley barbers left in Singapore. He has worked in the trade for over 50 years, and has many interesting stories to share. This is Lee Yoon Tong.