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Author Archives: Raj Khare

Raj Khare

About Raj Khare

Raj is the harbinger of tasty snacks and connoisseur of delicious pastries. He enjoys Norwegian black metal and rainbows. He idolizes Kermit the Frog and Christopher Hitchens. He wishes he was Sith Lord but knows he would fail miserably so he has henceforth decided to embark on a secret mission to combine all the flavors of Skittles to make a super version of Skittles that would take over the world and paint the world in the glory of sweet delicious color, while holding a purring cat.

(Insta)Bakeries of Singapore

The advent of artisan bakeries within the Singaporean baking scene has certainly brought about tons of buzz but only if it was between the inner circle of baking enthusiast and aficionados.  We felt this needed to be rectified somewhat. More…

Trick Treat

2014 Halloween Events in Singapore

Ok, look, I get it. Celebrating Hallows’ Eve here in Singapore may not be the biggest thing here in Singapore but that has certainly not stopped this lot  from succeeding. From ridiculously grandiose haunted houses within theme parks to zombie-chasing…