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Author Archives: Natalie Goh

About Natalie Goh

Natalie has a background in public relations and events management working with local and global brands, but her heart really lies in the fast-moving world that is digital media. She lives by the belief that one never ever stops learning and pursues her penchant for design and craft after hours. Coupled with her eye for (quirky) style and her love for SIN city, the role of Shiok’s digital media strategist fits like a charm.
Shiok Events For A Purpose

Eclairs For A Purpose

We’ve waited a long time to bring you guys some happy news. It’s the new year and after months of planning, we’re so excited to bring you Events For A Purpose: Shiok’s monthly do-good feel-good collaboration! We are kickstarting the…

the way we go 640

The Way We Go: A Story on Finding Love Later in Life

  Set in the ficitional Convent of Our Lady of Lourdes, Checkpoint Theatre’s The Way We Go follows Agatha Mao, the school’s former principal, as she experiences the greatest loves of her life: Edmund, her intellectual partner, and Violet, her best friend. Spanning…

best secondhand furniture in singapore

This is Home (Part III): Vintage Furniture Stores in Singapore

Want to add even more character to your home in Singapore alongside your Made-in-SG furniture? If secondhand furniture sounds nothing more than unimpressive hand-me-downs to you, (think again because) these vintage furniture gems in Singapore are here to change that….


Places To Catch The 2014 World Cup LIVE

With the first match starting in less than 24 hours, it’s the season for some major football action again, and there’s nothing quite like soaking in the vibes of a boisterous and passionate crowd when it comes to the sport….


It’s Happy O’ Clock!

Happy Hour Hot Spots in Singapore When we think happy hour, cheap drinks after five come to mind. While you can find my friends and I having a good chug or two after hours at our favourite bar in China…