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Author Archives: Maria Fung

Maria Fung

About Maria Fung

An established designer and pixel eater in the fields of art, design, fashion & lifestyle, Maria's never-ending curiosity makes her a rebellious dream-chaser for life outside the computers. When she is not at her desk or phone, you can find her chef-ing up at her kitchen, honing her artisan skills or digging for her next hunt at the seashores. You can check her out at www.mariafung.com
miniJon miniatures

miniJon – Meet the tiny world of wonders

The recent Maker’s Faire in June 2016 may be over, but my memory of the awesome works by many local DIY makers held at the Singapore University of Technology and Design never left my mind. Had I not trotted up the…

Favian Ee

Favian Ee: The Visual Story Teller

Imagine a world without your smartphone camera and social media, and it won’t be long before you scurry in frustration like an anxious ant under the heat. However, there are those who are readily prepared if a smartphone crisis were to…


Tammie Chew – Why Charity is the best Birthday Gift

Birthdays are undeniably the only days which we are entitled to be selfish and not be condemned for it. However, one local celebrity decided to turn it around and transform her birthday into a charitable cause. Meet Tammie Chew, the…

Castles Can Fly

Alvin Lee: Founder of Castles Can Fly

Castles Can Fly, So Can You Far right in yellow tee: Alvin Lee, founder of Castles Can Fly Looking over the glistening sea under the golden sunshine, a small stone castle with short blue steeples stands proudly before teams of…

Botanic Gardens

Top 10 Low-Budget Outdoor Hot Spots for Kids

The June holidays are here! What better way to relieve the exam stress than to release it through exploration of nature. Not only does it keep the whole family fit and promotes family bonding, it is a much better distraction…


MOFO CHILI: Chilli sauces that will put you on FIRE!

If burning your tongue with searing hot spiciness is your daily holy grail, then MOFO CHILI is one contender that you should not ignore. Move away Tabasco, sambal chilli and chilli padi. This hot, hot, HOT vegetarian concoction of fresh yet…

Maker movement

Forget Shopping, Go D.I.Y

Having a water-tight budget for my new 3-room BTO was perhaps one of my BIGGEST blessings in life! But before you shake your head at such a disturbing statement that will cause anyone’s Ma and Pa to gape in horror, my quest…

Lee Kuan Yew and family

What Lee Kuan Yew’s death has taught me

When I first learned about Lee Kuan Yew’s death, I fell into a momentary frozen state of blankness. Slowly, memories of what we learned in school about him to my grandparents’  fond testimonies of Mr Lee’s national endeavours flooded to…

The Saber Authority

The Saber Authority: Jedi dream turns into Reality

If the world of Star Wars exists, professional training schools would be sprouting about, churning out new Jedi knights each year. One school that fits the bill is The Saber Authority, an academy dedicated to bridging Star Wars fantasy with…