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Author Archives: Marcus Goh

About Marcus Goh

I like to paint the minds of people with words in black and white.
Ikan Tangkap Sendiri

Fanning the Flames of Tradition

  25-year-old Hanna Sahari, owner of Ikan Tangkap Sendiri, said that she is very passionate about grilling otahs. So passionate that she would come back every Ramadan to help her father while she was schooling in Shanghai, China. Yes, you…


The Halloween Make-up Artist

Make-up is commonly used to enhance or beautify our features. However, Nigel Phua decided to do something different with make-up – to create a horror-like appearance for his subjects. Better known as Nightchylde, he started exploring the possibilities of creating Halloween…

Number 1

10 Things Not To Do During Chinese New Year

As we remove the lunar calendar of the previous year, hanging up a new one, we find ourselves having to carry out a series of activities. Cleaning up our houses, buying new décor, stocking up mandarin oranges at home, preparing…