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Author Archives: Conan Teo

Conan Teo

About Conan Teo

A recent NUS graduate and working as a client accounts executive in the creative industry specialising in Facebook Ad creatives. He enjoys playing sports, animals and travelling. 'Be boundless and infinite, live freely between black and white'
Children playing in flood in olden day Singapore: http://blogtoexpress.blogspot.sg

Top 10 Local Childhood Places

Regardless of how old we get, we are often amused by the little things we come across that reminds us of our past. We recall how innocent and simple we were and we appreciate that period we call childhood. Everyone…


SG50: The Unofficial Official Party by Tiger Beer

You want it, you’ll get it. That’s what Tiger Beer promised for their largest party yet for Singapore’s Golden Jubilee week. Thousands voted for their favourite ideas on what they would want at an awesome party and on the 5th August…

Simitaiji Team

Shawn Heng & Ashley Wang: Co-founders of Simitaiji

‘Simitaiji?’ is a local slang to ask ‘What’s Up?’. Just like other Singaporean phrases, it can take on other meanings. With a change in tone, it could mean ‘What’s your problem?!’ (another local slang) or even a friendlier ‘Hey, how…


Patrick Yee: Illustrator of ‘A Boy Named Harry’

It is no exaggeration to say that Patrick Yee has been drawing his entire life. Since his primary school days, Patrick has been very attracted to arts and crafts, in particular drawing. After serving his full time National Service (NS),…


Where are Singaporeans going this March?

Singaporeans love travelling! From Europe to Asia, America to Australia, every time you are overseas and you hear a familiar Singaporean tone or the occasional ‘leh’, ‘la’ or ‘meh’, one cannot help but to turn their head and feel a…