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Author Archives: Chelza Chong

About Chelza Chong

Being a believer of the quote- "There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure", Chelza takes every failure as a stepping stone to success.Starting out with just a love for books, she moved on to being a literature major graduate. As an adrenaline- junkie, she loves to run, take part in marathons and hike. Being a caffeine-addict, she never misses her daily dose of tea and coffee.

Top 5 Local Beverage Artisans Who Beat the Heat (Part 1)

Summer outifts, summer playlists, summer movies. Whilst most people from various parts of the world welcome the sunshine and warmth of summer with wide embraces and smiles, we, as Singaporeans, have had enough of the merciless heat of summer. After…

Camera necklace

10 Bespoke Artisans (Part II)

With the Christmas decorations along the streets and the display of Christmas goodies in various bakery stores, it is hard not to notice that Christmas is just around the corner and yes, it is time for Christmas shopping! For those…


10 Local Bespoke Artisans (Part I)

From the craze over recent and upcoming flea markets, farmers’ markets and art fairs organized by The Local People, Public Garden, Naiise and so on, it is hard to deny that local bespoke artisans and their products are not only…