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Author Archives: Asyraf Azlan

Asyraf Azlan

About Asyraf Azlan

Asyraf serves as Shiok’s Brand Manager who keeps the cash and tell us if we can spend it, just like your strict asian tiger mum. He’s also the guy who manages our Shiok! shop and make sure you get your items. On a side note, he would probably fail math without a calculator (just kidding). Despite enjoying seeing the world and spending all his money on frivolous stuff, he is your typical guy next door with a simple character.

Adler Poh: The Hostelier

With a design emphasis on fusing colonial charm with modern quirkiness, Singapore’s first luxury hostel is located in the heart of the Chinatown and brings a fresh, new spin to living history in a vibrant yet sophisticated environment. Named the top 7…


Nadia Samdin: Law Student, Events Host and Humanitarian

Law Student by day, events host by night and humanitarian at heart. Nadia Samdin, 24,  is a fellow Singaporean, traveling the world, spreading the love and doing good, while working it like a proud Singaporean. We had a lepak/chat session with Nadia to find…