#SamaSama – Redefining our Migrant Workers

Singaporeans will know what sama sama means. Even if you don’t speak Malay, it is a commonly used Singlish term. Sama sama basically translates to same same, to mean similar.

In Singapore, not everyone is same same, or at least there are varying perceptions, there are apparent differences…even or especially so the way we look or treat people.

Hence SamaSama was born, a campaign to redefine one group of people in Singapore that many of us view differently, sometimes treat negatively…or don’t even treat them as existent at all – our migrant workers.

SamaSama aims to redefine foreign workers in the “low wage industry”, e.g. construction worker or domestic helper, and help us see them as capable, creative and inspirational…and someone to look up to.

A hero in their own right.

As part of the campaign, SamaSama, together with our friends at Our Better World, has crafted a compelling story for all of us, told in a video called Built By Heroes.

It is a combination of 7 inspiring stories of migrant role models who have contributed to our country (without a doubt) and also this world in their capacity.

The idea behind Sama Sama finding these 7 successful stories, is to create a range of examples of how belief and opportunities can create something of great value not only for our community, but for theirs back home. And of course to share them with Singapore and help open our eyes a little bigger.
#BuiltbyHeroes featuring Jeanilyn, a businesswoman

#BuiltbyHeroes featuring Jeanilyn, a domestic helper and businesswoman

#BuiltbyHeroes features 20 yo Habibullah

#BuiltbyHeroes features Habibullah, a 20 yo gardener who is passionate about photography

Built By Heroes video is a guiding principle for both migrant worker and locals. For migrant workers, to see that they can indeed pursue their dreams, whether big or small, and for locals, to understand that greatness is most times determined by the conditions, opportunities, mindsets and belief we create, not only for ourselves, but for the migrant worker as well.

Built By Heroes is just one of the videos by SamaSama, stay tuned for upcoming success and inspirational stories of our migrant workers from the campaign, and also an interview with the people behind SamaSama!
Images taken from SAMA SAMA Facebook page

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