A Hair for Hope inspiration story

Hair for Hope is Children’s Cancer Foundation’s annual fundraising event, with Hair for Hope 2016 currently in its 14th year. The signature event is widely supported and known to be the only head-shaving event in Singapore that serves to raise funds and awareness of childhood cancer.

Last year we featured a story of one of the top fundraisers for 2015, Agnes Chandra and you can read her fundraising efforts here and this year we are proud to share the heartfelt message of Sock Hui from our very own Shiok community!

As I registered myself as a shavee today, I excitedly shared the news with my family and friends, seeking donations for the Children’s Cancer Foundation’s fundraising event. This only head-shaving event in Singapore serves to raise funds and awareness of childhood cancer.
A friend of mine asked if I’ve a story to share, so that he can share my story, & hopefully pull in more donations.
It made me think hard. What makes me want to do it? I’m not a newbie as a shavee, but a first for Singapore, for the little warriors fighting it out.
Maybe it’s due to my grandmother passing away due to cancer. Maybe it’s when I see the suffering she’s going through due to this dreadful Cancer.
Then in 2012, The LoveLife documentary video from Blackie陈建州 @ https://youtu.be/TNMm2NlUZoU touched me even further. This video touched me tremendously, making me want to go out and help, not just by donations.
Via the Sarawak “Go Bald” Kuching events, I participated as a shavee in 2013 & 2014. The start of raising funds via pledge cards, telling friends and colleagues that I’m going bald, requesting for support and donations. It’s a happy thing. Going bald to show the little warriors that bald is nothing, hope is everything. The happiness seen on everyone when I bring in the donations & pledge cards is a joy. Knowing that this help dearly to the kids make me happy.
Back in Singapore, I longed to help too, to raise this awareness once more, hoping to raise funds, just like what I did in Kuching. With my friends, family supporting since Singapore is home, where I longed to be. I do hope that by being a shavee, I can in a way or more, get in more support, greater awareness & bring in more donations for the children.
For everyone who’s contributed in one way or the other, I thank you.
Thanks & Regards,
Sock Hui, Lai
We are proud of you Sock Hui!

To support Hair for Hope 2016, you can donate here – https://www.hairforhope.org.sg/shaveeProfile/8926

Hair for Hope 2016

Hair for Hope 2016

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