What’s the Chir Chir Chicken Craze about?

Have you seen the long queues at the basement of Somerset 313? What are they queuing for you may ask. Just another Korean fried chicken joint, so you think. That’s where you are wrong. Chir Chir (Chi-ruh Chi-ruh) is not just another of those Korean fried chicken joint, for your information there are over 100 outlets spanning South Korea, China and Taiwan.


What makes it different from other Korean chicken joints? Chir Chir distinguishes itself by using only fresh chicken. So if you have seen frozen chicken being used and prepared in advance when customers make orders, you will be pleased to know that this doesn’t happen here in Chir Chir. They only prepare the chicken upon order.

Another thing that makes Chir Chir special is that they offer chicken and beer which is a popular concept offered in eateries in Korea, the chimaek culture, so they call it, coming from the words chi from chicken and maekju from maekju for beer. Without beer, some say that their meal isn’t complete.


This is their Chir Cream beer where the cream is freshly whipped and it’s nice and sweet, complementing the beer really well. It is inspired by a ‘latte kiss’ shared between lead actors in a hit Korean drama. Put the mug to your mouth and enjoy it. Having your lips covered with cream is a must!

Now, here’s the juicy part which you are waiting for, the highlight of the article. The chicken. Chir Chir’s signature fried chicken is available in three flavours, Crispy, Garlicky and Spicy and can be ordered whole, wings only or as boneless tenders. I find this flexible display of choices really convenient because kids would definitely go for tenders and there are just days when you want good old friend chicken, not to mention how some friends might enjoy wings more.

Without further ado, introducing the crispy fried chicken! Having been marinated for six hours in their special house seasoning before being battered and deep-friend, you can just imagine the succulent flesh as you tear the meat apart and watch the steam rising out. Just typing about it is making me hungry.  If you like crispy chicken, this is it, there’s no need to look further.


Besides crispy, Chir Chir also offers garlicky and spicy chicken. We had wings here in this case. As you can observe, garlicky means that your chicken comes ensconced in a soy sauce that is sprinkled with minced garlic and fried garlic cloves, accompanies by chunks of roasted sweet potato and fried toppoki. Yes, it’s really garlicky and is a must try for garlic lovers. If you love spicy stuff, go for the spicy wings instead and be warned, it packs a punch!


This next dish is a really special chicken dish named Nest Snow. With Cajun chicken tenders served on top of a bed of sweet potato puree prepared with a cream sauce consisting of cheeses, it is THE dish to go for if you adore boneless chicken and cheese. Simply shiok as you see all that cheese!


All the serving portions at Chir Chir are really big, yes, even for guys because they are generous with their ingredients and they believe that good food is to be shared. So come in huge groups and order a variety of chicken dishes to share because sharing is caring.

Having introduced to you some of the chicken dishes they have at Chir Chir, I would like to tell you how it came about to be franchised here in Singapore. In short, it started with one of the shareholders having a holiday in Seoul like us typical Singaporeans, always travelling, and he came across Chir Chir. He tried it for himself, loved it and thought why not have this shop franchised in Singapore? He headed back to Singapore, gathered his buddies and they went back to Chir Chir to try it out for themselves. Guess what? They liked it and agreed on the idea of franchising it. Thus, it happened and that’s how Chir Chir came about.

From their story, it shows that being your own boss doesn’t mean having to start a business from scratch. All it takes is to work on that one idea you have and who knows what might happen next. If you are wondering why I haven’t provided you the names of the owners, it’s because they are pretty shy but if you spot a guy typing away on his laptop in the shop, it might just be one of them! Two of the shareholders, Derek and Levi, are usually each at either one of the Chir Chir outlets, so if you see them, wave and say hi!


Chir Chir
Located at 313 Somerset #B304 and Bedok Point #02-05
Opening hours: Sun to Thur, 10am-10pm, Fri to Sat, 10am-11pm
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Chir-Chir-Singapore/1551584908411319?fref=ts


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