Top 5 Local Beverage Artisans Who Beat The Heat (Part 2)

Yes, it has been raining more frequently nowadays. Yet, our afternoons are still blazing hot, aren’t they? Well, if you have not read Part 1 of “Top 5 Local Beverage Artisans Who Beat the Heat” and are still fretting over how to quench your thirsts without downing yourself with unhealthy drinks, fret not! For part 2 of the article, I will introduce to you 2 more local beverage artisans who will gladly offer you their products to beat the scorching Singapore heat!

1. Birdy’s Brew by Stefanie Goh

“Simply a Better Brew”- With such a tagline, it is clear that Birdy’s cold brew coffee is not anything like the usual coffee we have at the coffee joints around Singapore. Having been introduced to cold brew coffee in Melbourne, Stefanie decided to introduce this concept to Singapore after falling in love with both its low acidity level and smooth flavor. Upon doing some research, she came up with Birdy’s Brew- cold brew coffee that is 70% less acidic, tummy- friendly and also, free from additives. In fact, for the sweet tooths out there, do not fret! To cater to your tastebuds, Stefanie came up with her own organic syrups in 2 main flavours- Orange and Hazelnut. For cocktail- lovers out there, you will be happy to know that your Irish Coffees and Espresso Martinis will taste even better with Birdy’s cold brew coffee! Hop on to Stefanie’s blog to get the recipes!

Why the name- Birdy’s? 

The name-  Birdy’s, came from the childhood nickname my parents gave me because I was as chatty as a bird. I probably still am!

Birdy's Brew - Cold Brew Coffee

Birdy’s Brew – Cold Brew Coffee

How long does the process of brewing a batch of coffee take?

There are several ways to cold brew coffee and I use the full immersion method in which the beans are steeped in water (of room temperature) for 24 hours to yield a coffee concentrate- much like an espresso. Coffee can be cold brewed between 8 and 24 hours, depending on the preferences and objectives of the brewer.

Photo Credit: Birdy's Brew

Photo Credit: Birdy’s Brew

Shout out for Birdy’s Brew

Birdy’s cold brew coffee concentrate is a versatile beverage that can be enjoyed either hot or cold, in the office, at home or on-the-move. It can also be added to your cocktails, pastries or ice cream. Look out for our decaffeinated coffee concentrate and ready-to-drink line in the near future!

2. Citizen Pop by Imelda

Healthy Sodas by Citizen Pop

Healthy Sodas by Citizen Pop

Well, we cannot deny that when one thinks of fizzy soft drinks, one pictures them being laden with sugar, artificial colouring and additives. Yet, fizzy soft drinks can be free from additives, preservatives too! Sounds too good to be true? Well, let me introduce you to Citizen Pop! Set up by two lovers of food and drinks, Citizen Pop aims to debunk everyone’s stereotypical view of fizzy soft drinks with their very own unique version of specialty sodas and sparkling fruit juices. Not only do they contain freshly squeezed juices, they are also packed with health benefits. Besides, they have distinctive and unique flavours like ginger and hibiscus and, watermelon and basil. Sounds odd and incompatible, don’t they? Well, you would be surprised to know how good these ingredients complement each other! So, why the need to create such special flavours? Well, Imelda says, “I didn’t want to join the crowd in the marketplace by providing something already available…I love the idea of reinventing and looking at things from a fresh perspective”.

You guys held a 9 to 5 job previously. Was it hard to get used to your current job? What were some of the challenges you faced during this transition?

It wasn’t hard but I just needed to train myself to adopt a more disciplined lifestyle. For example, my schedule is flexible now, so I need to always set tasks lists and timelines in order for things to move quickly and to hit my targets. What was difficult was not drawing a fixed and stable income in the initial stages. Yet, it was a sacrifice and I had made some changes to my lifestyle at that point of time.

Photo Credit: Citizen Pop

Photo Credit: Citizen Pop

You have mentioned that you are love food and drinks. Tell us some of your favourite areas for food hunting in Singapore.

I’m not a café hopper because I grew to be a creature of habit over the years. Moreover, when your business is already so full of uncertainties, some familiarity is comforting. My go-to places would be: Prive, Teppei, Holland Village for hanging out and Compound Coffee for my coffee fix. I just discovered Paddy Hills, where there is surprisingly good food. I go to Jekyll and Hyde if I want a tipple.

Shout out for Citizen Pop

Stay tune for some new upcoming pipelines!

Well, caffeine and soda fans out there, aren’t you glad that our local artisans have been so thoughtful in satisfying our palette? Grab their products, quench your thirst and show some support to our local artisans. For the juice junkies, tea- lovers and COCO fanatics out there, fret not! Hop on to part 1 of the article to find out more about your favourite and preferred beverages to beat the heat!





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