The Great Singapore Sale 2015 is Coming!

It is that time of the year again when people are going to fill the streets of Orchard Road and shopping malls for the GSS 2015. Starting from 29 May till 26 July, it will take place all over Singapore and it does not only include shopping. Dining and lifestyle deals can also be found.

Being a shopaholic myself, let me share some tips to save that little extra cash:

  1. My favourite website for all the current promotions and happenings

Check out! This is the website that I always refer to when I am looking out for sales. Check this website once in a while to make sure you do not miss out on any deals! You can also see up coming events and promotions and remember to mark those dates on your calander.

  1. Follow your favourite brands and shopping mall on their social media

Retailers and shopping malls often publish their promotions and sales on their social media sites such as Facebook to spread awareness and they tend to publish it a few days before the sales. As social media plays a huge role in lives, almost everyone will be checking their Facebook or Instagram when they head to work or are having lunch and by following them they will be kept updated.  So if you do not want to miss out any good deals, you know what to do!

  1. Look out for shopping mall promotions

So relating back to the second point, these tend to be promotions such as giving out vouchers or free gifts with minimum spending! For example these can be promotions such as redeeming a $10 voucher with a minimum spending of $100 with a maximum of 3 combined receipts or purchasing vouchers valued at $100 for $90. Even redeeming free parking in town will save you a lot because it is expensive to park in town and you can use that money to buy yourself a cup of coffee! However these have limited redemptions throughout the day, so you might want to head down earlier.


Plenty of such signs can be seen soon during this festive period

  1. Credit/Debit Card promotion

Different banks have different promotions. For example POSB/DBS might be having a additional 10% discount on top of the sale price. So if you want to buy something that is on promotion but you do not own that particular card from that bank, try asking your friends or parents and you might get lucky!

  1. Do not rush into buying early

Something I have noticed for a long time is that the best deals tend to be nearing the end of the GSS. It works the same way for PC and IT shows. As GSS is ending, shops may want to clear their old stock and they will reduce the prices in order to clear it. However, if you see something you really like and there are only a few pieces available, do not wait as it will probably be gone by then.


$68 off $300, as you can see they encourage impulse buying

  1. Avoid buying on impulse 

Have you ever encountered a situation where you got free gift by topping up your purchase and after getting it, you get home and you realise that you do not need it at all? This is common and is a good tactic by retailers pushing for sales. Do not fall for such tricks unless you really need those items! If you find yourself in such situations, try shopping together with your friends or maybe ask someone in the queue nicely if they are willing to add your item into their purchase. Who knows? You might make a friend.

  1. Compare prices among different shops

Well this may only work for men’s clothing and I am not sure about the ladies’. Men’s clothing only come in a few categories, for example an Oxford Shirt or a Business Pants. Try comparing prices among different shops and check out their promotions to see if it is worth it to purchase at another shop rather than the current one and take note of the promotions at the shopping malls too!

8. Lucky draws

During this period, there will be plenty of lucky draws at different shopping malls. From hourly lucky draws to major ones such as winning huge cash prizes or even a car. This are pretty simple lucky draws to participate in and normally requires you to just fill up a form and drop it in a box. If you are feeling lucky, why not just get a form from the information counter and participate! Disclaimer: Not all lucky draws have no prerequisites. Some require you to have purchased a minimum amount of products before you are entitled to participate.

The official website for the Great Singapore Sale 2015 is


Do you have any other money saving tips? Do share them by leaving your comments below!

(All photos are taken by me)

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