Robin Ong: Sales and Marketing Manager of Busybody Studios

What is BusybodySG about? BusybodySG is a homegrown instant print photography service that is affordable for anyone looking to inject fun into their event. Everyone loves mementoes for special occasions and what beats taking photographs and having them printed out on the spot?

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Here are our questions to Robin:

Why are you called Busybody?

Back in 2010 when were established, we did not have a clear direction. One of our founder’s wife thought since that entertainment and photography best described what we did and since we preferred a localised name that is memorable, ‘Busybody’ was conceived. Since then, the name has struck a chord with all our clients’, which they often find humor in.

What role do you play in Busybody?

What started as a personal interest in photography, has led me to become the Sales and Marketing Manager. I’m constantly looking to innovate and introduce new ideas.


How did Busybody come about? 

I would say opportunity and timing played a big part. After graduating from the University of Buffalo, I went into financial planning and learnt that a lot of hard selling was involved. I realized that my passion was always in photography, hence I decided to return to my roots and develop it – Busybody.

Where do you see Busybody expanding?

Photo booth and instant print services have become a norm in recent years. In the near future, I look forward to larger collaborations and possibly franchising the business.

What do you enjoy about working in Busybody?

I would say that freedom and flexibility are big drawing factors – I get to travel a lot as well. These are the perks of running your own business. However I want to leave a legacy and establish a foothold in this industry, as this thought is very appealing and I want to establish Busybody as the brand name in this industry.

What differentiates Busybody from other instant prints services? 

We provide an extremely dedicated service – creating the photo design from scratch which is fully customizable. In addition, our crew members are young and dynamic, which contributes to the user experience of enjoying great studio quality photographs.

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What advice would you give to the younger generation?

There is always a misconception that in starting your own business, there is ‘work life balance’. In the early phase of building the business, striving for work life balance should not be the main motivation. Be prepared to put in very long hours and being underpaid and overworked. If you are able to envision putting in hard work to grow your business and only reap the rewards later, then it’s definitely worth pursuing.

Why did you choose to support Tarts for a Purpose? 

BusybodySG is happy to sponsor events with worthy causes – as without the support from our society we wouldn’t be able to become what we are today. Complementing social media with photography, we at BusybodySG think that it is a great if we can provide the platform to reward and commend people who contribute to our community.

So if you are in need of their services to spice up your event, especially if your friends and guests love to take photographs, do contact them. For more information, check out their website here and their Facebook page here.

Interview done by: Calvin

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