Learn to Flip a Prata Like a Boss

If you think Singapore is too boring, THINK AGAIN!

Casuarina Curry Restaurant at Upper Thompson has something interesting for you! The Prata Scholar Workshop is something you definitely not want to miss. They might possibly be one of its kind, teaching you how to flip a prata, fry an egg prata (Behind their glass kitchen)  and ending up with a drink and a prata buffet!

My housemate and I only paid $20 each for the great experience flipping and indulging in the wide spread of different kinds of pratas they have on their menu. They were very patient and their way of teaching was very fast. You could almost get a job right on the spot as a prata flipper! (You can go for the $15 option which only gives you plain prata buffets though)


The prata man assigned to us patiently demonstrating how to flip a prata. One hand support one hand flip. And did you know that flipping a plain prata is different from flipping a prata with toppings?


Look at the smiles on our faces, the money and time spent was definitely worth it. They really bring out as many dough as you need until you “perfect” your flipping skills.


If time permits, the prata man can even do some tricks to entertain you. We even had a prata flipping challenge!


And I wasn’t joking when I talked about Prata Buffet! The awesome crispy pratas. Mushroom Egg Onion? Egg Prata? Mushroom Chees Prata? Tissue Prata? Anything you can think of, we tried. Its prata overload!


Presenting to you the Graduates of the Prata Scholar Workshop. A certificate to certify that you can flip! Maybe bringing this cert to interview at a Mamak stall?


I tried making prata in Brisbane while studying there to sell for the Brisbane’s National Day Celebration last year, but it was definitely sub standard. It was a total different experience from flipping pratas in a renowned prata restaurant. Definitely gonna come back and have some more fun with the dough!

So now if you say that Singapore is so boring that there is nothing to do, think again! Why not spend an affordable $15 and pick up a skill? Maybe try your luck asking them for the dough recipe and you can even have your own prata party at home. Let’s start looking for some more simple skills that we can pick up in Singapore.


You can make an appointment through 6455 9093 or drop Nora and email to enquiry@casuarinacurry.com

They are located at 138 Casuarina Road

More interesting pictures and videos of previous participants at their Facebook Page  

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