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6 Places to explore during Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is just around the corner and as many of you all know most shops will be closed, especially on the first day. Probably the only shops that are open are Fast Food outlets and Coffee Shop like McDonald’s and Starbucks. So what do the non-Chinese do during this occasion? Well, many would say that they will either stay at home to catch a movie or head to Malaysia.

However if you don’t feel like travelling across the border (because many will be heading there for vising too) or spending too much money, I have come up with a list of places that you should explore!

Take note as it is during the holidays, many people might be visiting these places! If you want to take a certain type of shot or they are in your way, do not be afraid to ask them to move. Ask nicely! After all everyone wants a good shot! Maybe you can start sharing ideas together too!

So bring out your camera devices, be it an iPhone, digital camera or DSLR, and start shooting!

Some essentials that you should consider bringing:

  • Camera with Spare Battery (Especially Mobile Phones where Camera will actually drain the battery a lot)
  • Mobile Phone with Google Maps (Google maps will become your best friend when you start exploring)
  • Tripod (Note that it can actually be use with your mobile devices too, just got to buy the phone holder that attaches to the adapter!)
  • Spare clothes because you will actually perspire quite a bit (Tip: take photos at different places with different outfits to make it look like as if you went to that place on a different day!)
  • WATER!!

Alright so let’s begin!

  1. Bukit Timah Railway Track (West)

Probably one of the only few train tracks that are open to public, it is located along Bukit Timah Road. You can see the overhead train track when you alight at the bus stop and it is just a 5 minutes’ walk. It is also just across The Railmall, where you can find Cold Storage, Subway and Coffee Bean (I think they should be open!). Go grab a bite from those places and have a mini picnic along the tracks! PLEASE REMEMBER NOT TO LITTER! You don’t want your picture to contain a Subway wrapper… right?

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Direction: Only accessible by bus. Buses are 67, 75, 170, 171, 178, 184 and 961.


  1. Punggol Lalang Field (North-east)

It is not often I can find grasses that are taller than me (I am 180 c.m.) and this place is nice if you are looking to take nice portraits or couple photos with such grass.

Many article online have the directions to this place but take not, some do not exist anymore. It is either they have been cut down by the Park’s Management or used for other purposes!

I was here on the New Year’s Eve and I actually followed directions that some blogs gave. I got lost, so I decided to explore on my own and eventually found it!

Do take note there are stray dogs there and do not be surprise if you find dog feeding bowl and stuff like that. If you encounter them just be friendly and do not scare them or chase them. They will slowly move away from you.

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Directions: Alight at Riveria LRT Station, walk towards Popeyes and you will see a stair that leads down to Punggol Promenade Riverside Walk. Turn left and walk pass a very short and tiny bridge. Continue and you should be able to see some lalang leaves on the left. The field will be around that area. Look for a narrow path in. If you pass the Sunrise Bridge it means you have overshot.


  1. Picnic at Marina Barrage (South)

This is something that I think many will be doing on that day as it is romantic and also a good idea to catch up as well. The weather has been really cool and breezy these few days (hopefully it remains like this!) and why not catch the sunset as well?

Bring some homemade food like sandwiches or if you are feeling lazy then grab things like sushi, potato chips or cut fruits from supermarkets. Fast food will do the trick too! If you don’t have a picnic or lazy to carry one, you can purchase a table mat from Cold Storage (there are two types, one at $1.40 and another at $3 plus) and they are big enough for 2-3 people.

If you can stay longer, you can catch the sunset and do some star gazing before you leave that place. It is not often you can get to lie down on a patch of grass here in Singapore, doing that in Raffles Place will make people judge you.

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Direction: Bus 400 from Shenton Way Bus Terminal, or walk from Marina Bay/Bayfront station.


  1. Kampung Lorong Buangkok (North)

If you always thought Singapore is a modern city with high rise buildings and modern architecture, then you are wrong. Located along Yio Chu Kang Road, there is a small and probably one of the last Kampung in Singapore.

However, do expect people there who might be celebrating Chinese New Year and look out for signs that do not allow you to take photograph of their property.

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Directions: Take bus 70/70M from Yio Chu Kang or 854 from Yishun Interchange and alight at the opposite of Church of St Vincent De Paul and walk along Gerald Drive, at the T-Junction turn right and you will be able to see the Kampung on your left.

  1. Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve (West)

For people who really appreciate nature or just want to hike at somewhere different, do check this out as it has recently been upgraded with new features such as their different Pods where you can have a sit inside or look at the birds and you might be lucky if you spot crocodiles!

There are a few trails you can take so look at the map carefully at the visitor centre before heading out!

Remember to bring an insect repellent!!

Processed with VSCOcam with a9 preset Processed with VSCOcam with a9 preset Processed with VSCOcam with a9 preset

Directions: 925(Weekday), 925/925#/925C(Weekends/PH) from Woodlands Regional Interchange.

  1. People’s Park Centre (Central)

It is well known for the high rise building in a washed green and yellow colour in Chinatown which makes you feel like you are in Hong Kong. Their rooftop carpark is unique especially when it rains as it gives a good reflection of the building on the puddles. So if you are lucky you might be able to get a good shot!

Take note that the water is slightly dirty so you might not want to bring that new shoe of yours if you are afraid of getting it dirty.

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Direction: 5 minutes’ walk from Chinatown MRT station.

Well there are many other ways to explore Singapore such as taking a random bus or stop at a random station! For those celebrating Chinese New Year, there is always other time to explore too so do not worry!

(All pictures are taken by me)


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