Nominations are open for the President’s Volunteerism & Philanthropy Awards 2015



The annual President’s Volunteerism & Philanthropy Awards (PVPA) presents the highest honour for those who have set benchmarks of excellence in the spirit of giving in the arts, environment, social services, sports, education, healthcare, and other worthy causes in Singapore. Held on October 14 this year, the awards aim to encourage and inspire others to bring about a higher level of volunteerism and philanthropy in Singapore.

Giving could be in the form of time (volunteerism), money/in-kind (philanthropy) or advocating for the cause/need which results in the promotion of volunteerism and/or philanthropy. For past PVPA categories, there was a clear distinction between the areas of volunteerism and philanthropy. As they recognise that giving is a holistic experience, the categories for this year’s PVPA have been adjusted to encompass both the Volunteerism and Philanthropy components for each of the individual and group categories. To inspire people to continue giving throughout their various life stages, the individual categories have been expanded to cover youth, adult and senior.

The PVPA 2015 categories are:

  1. President’s Award for Volunteerism and/or Philanthropy (Corporate)
  2. President’s Award for Volunteerism and/or Philanthropy (Non-profit)
  3. President’s Award for Volunteerism and/or Philanthropy (Informal Group)
  4. President’s Award for Volunteerism and/or Philanthropy (Youth)
  5. President’s Award for Volunteerism and/or Philanthropy (Adult)
  6. President’s Award for Volunteerism and/or Philanthropy (Senior)

Nominations open for PVPA 2015 on 15 May 2015, Friday and will close on 7 June 2015Friday.  Visit their website at for more details on eligibility and the nomination process.

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