Nicolette Soh: Public Relations Director of The Wired Warriors Campaign

Many of us use Instagram and Facebook in this tech-savvy era. Even our parents. With such a large number of us dedicating our time to these social media platforms, several issues have arose. One of them is the issue termed ‘Insta-envy’. What is it about? It is about making comparisons on these social media platforms and how it results in negative moods which can threaten self-evaluation.

With this issue in mind, The Wired Warriors Guidebook was officially launched by Venice, Serene, Nicolette and Linette. Their goal was to educate teenagers about the possible negativity of social media by turning them into ‘Insta-literate’ users. Being a Wired Warrior means being aware about the negative influence of social media on yourself and others, as well as making an effort to be kind, careful and critical content creators on Instagram and other social media platforms.


Beginning at Hougang Secondary School in early February 2015, it identifies five main issues faced by social media users and gives them tips on how to overcome the negativity. These issues involve self-esteem, beauty, materialism, cyber-bullying and privacy and security.



Calvin conducted the interview with them, so let’s find out what the girls have to say:

1) What made you choose this topic for your FYP?

We’re a group of girls who are avid “Instagrammers”. Between the four of us, we realised that the problem of “insta-envy” is something that is affecting our generation. What is “insta-envy” you might ask. It’s the vicious cycle of you feeling envious about your friends’ lives when consuming Instagram, and in return you post pictures to make your friends feel envious as well. Many girls are consuming Instagram without realising the negative effects it has on them! We simply want to raise awareness about this issue, educate our target audience, and hopefully together we can all create a safer, happier social media community!

2) How did the team manage the expectations of crunching the content and target audience angle? 

We’ve done interviews with industry professionals such as counsellors, carried out interviews, and surveyed over 160 people within our target audience age group in order to figure out what issues we need to tackle and how best to address them. We’ve also set up a partnership with Touch Wellness in order to distribute our content to schools.

3) What are some of the unique experiences throughout this campaign?

The campaign itself is unique as it is the first campaign in Singapore to address Instagram issues. The campaign is set apart from others in the fact that it takes a holistic approach to social media problems. Most campaigns only focus on a single aspect such as cyber bullying or media literacy. Our campaign takes all these problems into consideration and have produced a guide to Instagram that tackles the five main problems which are self-esteem, cyber bullying, security and privacy, materialism and body image. >

4) When is your next road show?

The Wired Warriors team will be at Jurong Regional National Library for a week-long exhibition starting from 23rd February to to 1st March 2015.

5) Any shout out to the female IG users?

Join us in the battle for a safer and happier Instagram community and learn how to become a more confident and responsible social media user!

<End of Interview>

For more information, check out their website


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