SEA Games 2015: Interview with #OurTeamSG Part 2


The 28th Southeast Asian (SEA) Games will commence in a week’s time! Over thousands of athletes will be flying to Singapore from 11 Southeast Asian countries to compete in this eventful Games. Last week, we brought to you 5 of our Team Singapore Athletes, and this week we are going to bring you more.



Photo Credit: TODAY Online

Photo Credit: TODAY Online

Emily Li Sin Min

Age: 20

Sports: Wushu (Taiji)

Occupation: Student

Played Since: 8 Years old

What made you pick up Wushu?

I happened to witness one practice session and I was mesmerized by it. That’s how I started it.

Are your parents against it?

Initially they do, ultimately I am a girl and they find that Wushu is a rough sport that is more suitable for men. However, they are also the ones that encourage me to continue when I am at my lowest.

What motivates you to continue Wushu?

Receiving encouragement from your team mates, seeing your fellow competitors improving and the cheers from the audience motivates me.

Name ONE thing you cannot leave the house without.

MP3 Player. I can’t leave (live) without music.

What are your dreams?

To stand on the podium and sing my national atheme. Well, it’s already completed!

Head down to Expo Hall 2 from the 6th to 8th June to show your support for Sin Min!


Photo Credit: My ActiveSg

Photo Credit: My ActiveSg


Name: Cecilia Low Rui Qi

Age: 23

Sports: Sailing

Occupation: Full time sailor

Played Since: 9

What inspired you to start sailing? 

I was a hyperactive child and my parents thought that sailing can burn off all the excess energy. I just grew to love the sport as time passed. I love the adrenaline and all the excitement that comes with it.

What do you usually do when you are not training?

I usually rest at home or hang out with my friends when I am not training.

Where is your favourite hangout place in Singapore? 

My favourite hangout place in Singapore would have to be my home as sailing is a sport where we need to be in Europe for long periods of time and it would be nice to just relax at home.

What is your dream when you were a child?

When I was a child I had two dreams. One is to be an Olympic sailor and the other is to be a pilot.The two dreams are yet to be fulfilled and I am working on them right now (:

Sailing will take place at Marina Bay on 11th to 14th June and at National Sailing Centre from 6th to 14th June.



Brandon Ooi

Age: 21 

Sports: Canoe

Occupation: Student Athlete.

Played since : 13 Year old

How did you start canoeing?

I join the canoe team because of the word itself. It sounded interesting to me. I never knew I would fall in love with the sports and be part of the national team.

What motivates you?

I love competitive sports. It is a sport whereby everything is a factor, from strength, to mentality and even the endurance. It pushes me forward, to become the best of the best.

Being a student athlete, how do you manage to strive a balance between school and trainings?

(Thinking) Prioritizing. I believe that we can only focus on one big thing and the other less big thing. I got distracted at one point of my life and my priority changes, not a very wise choice. You need discipline and good time management too.

Name ONE thing you cannot leave the house without.

Wallet. I am totally comfortable with losing contact for quite a bit, but it will be more practical to have my wallet with me. At least in Singapore, having a wallet can get you home.

What would your dream be?

Olympic Champion. (Stern) I will keep on trying. Even if I do n­ot manage to reach that goal, I know I have at least tried my best to achieve it.

Head down to the Marina Channel from the 6th to 9th June to show your support for Brandon!


Name: Premila Hirubalan

Age: 32

Sport: Netball

Occupation: Doctor

Played since: 10yrs old, in national team since 1999

What inspired you to play netball?

My mum chose the sport for me in RGPS. I actually wanted to join basketball as my ECA. But I really enjoyed the sport and have been sticking to it since.

What do you usually do when you are not playing sports?

Putting people to sleep as an anesthesia MO at SGH. I love all kinds of sports. If I weren’t playing netball, I’d probably be playing something else.

Name one thing you can’t leave house without. 

My iPhone 6 since it’s so pretty and light and precious. How could anyone leave home without one?

What is your dream?

Netball-wise, I have pretty much done it all so I’m happy and contented and am just enjoying the game at the moment. Work-wise.. I hope to become an anaesthetist.

What would you like to say to your fans/supporters?

Thank you for all your support. We’ll do our best at the SEA Games and hopefully get that gold. Your cheers matter to us and we love playing at home just for that reason.

Netball starts on 31st May and the games will be on till 7th June.



Name: Jazreel  Tan
Age: 25
Played Since: 2003
Occupation: Full Time Athlete

What makes you love this sport?

The very first impression was the air conditioning…so shiok! Because it was such a huge change from swimming (Jazreel was a former competitive swimmer) which was always outdoors. For recreational bowlers, this sport might seem more relaxing and initially I thought so too but I was wrong. After learning more about the sport, I got attracted by how technical and tactical the game was, so the air condition didnt really matter to me anymore. Bowling is so much more than throwing a ball, there are so many intricacies and factors that affect every single throw and I strive to conquer all these challenges on the lanes everyday!

What do you usually do when you are not playing sports? 

As a full-time athlete my life revolves around daily trainings (almost) and monthly tournaments (usually) all over and free time is hard to come by so I take a break when I am free by staying at home and spending time with family. I try to attend the monthly #PurposeSG series by you guys, or meet up with some friends and catch up with one another on weekends that I am in town and free!

What is your favorite hangout place?

No fave hangout place! Maybe at home. haha.

Name ONE thing you can’t leave house without.

My phone.

What do you wish to achieve or your goals in bowling?

I hope to be a world champion one day (Jazreel won Silver at the 2007 World Championships) and also to get the chance to bowl on the professional tour.

Catch Jazreel in action at the Orchid Country Club on 9th to 14th June!


The tickets are already available on SEA Games 2015 Official Website and are selling fast. Our athletes have been training intensely for the Games, so let’s give them our greatest support. Are you RED-y?

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