SEA Games 2015: Interview with #OurTeamSG Part 1



The South-east (SEA) Games will make its opening in less than a month at The Sports Hub. The last time Singapore was the hosting ground for the Games was in 1993 and after 22 years of waiting, SEA Games has returned to Singapore. Similar to the previous Games, it is a 12-day event where its opening and closing are on 6 and 16 June respectively.

Our Team Singapore athletes have been training extraordinarily hard for this prestigious moment since 2 years ago and have been receiving support through the Annual SportSG Grants and the spexScholarship for their sporting endeavours.

Most of Our Team Singapore athletes have been training up to 8 hours a day to do well in front of the home crowd. We were really lucky to be able to get an opportunity to speak with our National athletes. Find out what has inspired them to be a National Athlete and more about their dreams.


Photo Credit: Danny Toh

Name: Dipna Lim Prasad

Age: 23

Sport: Athletics 

Occupation: full time athlete

Played since: 2002

What inspired you to play the sport?

I started running by playing catching at my neighbourhood playground. Later in primary school I joined track because that meant I got to run more!

Why do you love playing the sport?

I really like to run.

What is your favorite hangout place?

Because I’m always training I don’t have much time to venture too far out. You’ll spot me at the Springleaf Prata Place, or Bukit Merah’s ABC brickworks hawker centre without fail almost every week.

Name ONE thing you can’t leave house without.

My phone -it’s glued to my hands!

What is your dream?

I hope to qualify for the Rio 2016 Olympics.

Catch Dipna in action on 6-12th June at the National Stadium.

waterpolo (1)


Name: Denise Chen


Sport: Water Polo

Occupation: Student / Athlete

Played since: 16

What inspired you to play the sport?

Was introduced to water polo during the Water Polo Carnival organized by the Woman’s Water Polo Team.

What do you usually do when you are not playing sports? 

Photography. I picked up this hobby 2 years ago and with that my teammates have become my guinea pig (laugh) I mean my models.

What is your favorite hangout place?

CAFÉS! In fact, my whole team loves to café hop. But due to our trainings, competitions and school, we can only café hop during our down seasons.

Name ONE thing you can’t leave house without.

Hmm. Moisturizer? I have really dry skin from the long hours of training in the water.

What is your childhood dream?

Real Estate has been my dream since a child. But as an athlete, my ongoing dream will always be reaching a new level of performance in sports (smile).

What are your plans after you have retired from water polo? 

I have not really thought of when I will retire yet, but in terms of value adding to the future team, I can see myself playing leisurely with them. On the other hand, I will also pursue my dreams in real estate.

Support Denise and the water polo players from 10th to 16th June at the OCBC Aquatic Centre.



Lee Tze Yuan

Age: 24

Sports: Wushu (Taiji)

Occupation: Intern/ Athlete

Played Since: 14

You used to be a black-belt taekwondo, have you ever regretted leaving taekwondo for Wushu?

(Laugh) Honestly, nope. I am more grateful than being regretful over leaving taekwondo. In fact, Taekwondo has laid a foundation for me, for example, disciplinary and flexibility.

To many Taiji can be a very boring sport, what motivates you to pursue this sport?

The philosophy behind Taiji, the understanding of the philosophy changes all the time. That mesmerizes me.

What are the challenges you have faced in Taiji?

When I first started training and learning Taiji, dealing with the muscle aches was a challenge.

Name ONE thing you cannot leave the house without.

Watch. I feel uncomfortable when I can’t tell time.

Do you have anyone you look up to?

I don’t have a specific role model, because, that will make me a shadow of another person. But, I take traits of different models and make them mine.

Want to see Tze Yuan in action? Head down to Expo Hall 2 from 6th to 8th June.



Photo Credit: Commonwealth Fencing FB Page

Name: Cheryl Wong

Age: 24

Sports: Fencing

Occupation: Athlete

Played Since: November 2000

What inspired you to fence?

I was the kind of kid who wanted to do everything – ballet, gymnastics, everything! I didn’t really know what fencing was when I joined but it was something new and exciting, so I was in.

When was the first time you got to know about fencing?

I got to know about fencing when I was 9 years old through a church friend, Ruth, who then became my teammate for quite a number of years.

Why do you love fencing?

Tough question! Fencing’s tough. I get kicked in my mental and physical butts and somehow have get out of bed the next day to get it kicked again. But I think that’s part of what makes the whole journey worth it – fencing tests the strength of my character and no matter how I do at the end of my fencing career, I know that I’ve made invaluable gains from it.

What do you usually do when you are not playing sports?

I will be reading, watching films, baking, and spending time with my family and friends.

What is your dream? 

I have too many! I’d like to be able to travel the world and live in different countries for months at a time to experience other cultures’ ways of life, all while writing a novel, creating a film and…I told you I have too many dreams!

Support Cheryl as she competes at the OCBC Arena Hall 2 from 3rd to 7th June!

shiok photo

Ann Lee Hui Min

Age: 24 Years Old

Sports: Fencing

Occupation: Full Time Athlete

Played Since: 14

What got you started in fencing?

A church friend of mine introduced me to fencing, brought my other friends in. However, back then I had too many commitments, it was until I am 14, that my friend recommended me to a fencing coach and that’s how I got started with fencing.

What keeps you going in fencing?

I believe interest is key factor that motivates me. Besides, fencing was very different from other my recreational activities. It was my very first high performance sports.

What do you usually do when you are not playing?

Meeting up with friends and family. All of us would meet up to chill, to cook, to catch movies too.

Name ONE thing you cannot leave the house without.

Wallet or Phone I guess. But I will choose my wallet over phone; at least I feed myself or get myself home.

Do you have anyone that you look up to?

My previous captain. She taught me that fulfilling your dreams is more important than just having dreams. Right now that I have become the captain of my team, I try my best to guide my juniors like how she once guided me.

Support Hui Min as she competes at the OCBC Arena Hall 2 from 3rd to 7th June!


With this exclusive interview with our Team Singapore Athletes, we hope that all of us will continue to cheer them on and give them our support. To our athletes, we hope that you keep on fighting and do your best, we are sure you will do Singapore proud!

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