“Heroes at Night” – Where our Fishes Come From


As a Site Engineer Intern at a construction during my Summer break this year, I was asked to work through the night and get things done. This experience allowed me to realise that there are so many Heroes working through the night while we are sleeping, just to improve our lives! The foreign workers, for this matter. They are the ones who work through the night, making sure our lives are improving with new infrastructures, and making this little red dot where it is today.

Few years back when I was doing an assignment on Photography, I decided to feature this group of special people who literally work through the “graveyard hours” just to get fresh fishes to the market for us. Our fishes come from several wholesale centers, and Jurong Port was one of the centers which I decided to try my luck.


A dose of coffee is definitely needed before work starts



Fishes coming over to Singapore by Land


And Sea



Sorting out the Day’s loot



Tons of ice produced to keep the fishes fresh throughout



The “Emperor” looks on as he works on the supply and demand



They say no matter how tired you are, the moment you see money, you’ll have a natural grin on your face



I’m sorry uncle, you came late, and these are the last 2 stingrays left

It’s definitely an interesting place to visit, looking at the chaotic hustle bustle of the fishery and how your fishes get to the market. A simple tip is to bring a change of clothes and wearing boots would do more good to you. You definitely do not want your car to smell fishy for the next 3 days!

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