Flowers For A Purpose


This May, The Shiok Co. is celebrating Mothers’ Day for the Month Of May. Thinking of finding something suitable for your mother, grandmother, aunty, loved one? The fourth series of PurposeSg is featuring: Flowers For A Purpose.

What flowers are we offering for sale?

  1. Rose Mini Bouquet with card tag (faux real touch flowers)



  1. Ranunculus Mini Bouquet with card tag (faux silk flowers)


  1. Light Lavender Mini Bouquet with card tag (faux real touch flowers)
  2. Baby Lavender Mini Bouquet with card tag (faux real touch flowers)



Together with Ektory, the fundraiser will be donating 50% of all proceeds to the beneficiary of choice: Chen Su Lan Methodist Children’s Home.

Ektory is derived from ‘The Eklektikos Factory’ – ‘Eklektikos’ is the original Greek word for ‘eclectic’, which means ‘choosing the best’. Ektory believes that ‘handcrafted’ works are the best since each piece is unique and made with ‘heartwork’. Their ethos has always been to design for happiness. Flowers make people happy and at Ektory, they want to share this happiness with everyone this Mothers’ Day.

Chen Su Lan Methodist Children’s Home is a safe place where children from broken families can grow up in a family environment. They nurture every child to his/her potential from all races and religions. Ingraining the value of a responsible member in their respective families and the community at large. The Residential Home provides care, protection and shelter to children aged from 5 to 16 years of age with the hope to help raise these needy children so that they can grow up and raise their own families.

In addition to your bouquet of flowers, customers will also get $100 Clearique facial vouchers and Vanitee vouchers offering 15% discount, so go on and pamper your mum!

We’re excited to have you join us this May to bless someone through our giving! Click here to get your tickets now!




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