FIT for a Purpose

#PurposeSG Volume 5 is finally here…we are proud to present FITforaPurpose: Get FIT, Feel SHIOK!

Get FITforaPurpose!

#PurposeSSG Volume 5: FITforaPurpose

In celebration of the successful completion of SEA Games 2015 on home soil, where Singapore achieved a record 84 gold medals and the highest medal tally in our history, The Shiok Collective and Made Real, local healthy and wholesome lifestyle advocates, would like to invite everyone for a weekend of great fun, good food, awesome activities and cool freebies.


Shiok! and Made Real are inviting you to FITforaPurpose

With the conclusion of SEA Games, many are answering the call to be part of a true sporting Singapore. Together with our SEA Games athletes, the heroes from #OneTeamSG, we want to embrace and promote HEALTHY LIFE, HAPPY LIFE with all of you!

So when is FITforaPurpose?

It is going to take place on the last weekend of the month after the SEA Games – 27th and 28th June!


Come and join us at East Coast Park’s new hangout spot – Parkland Green. Registration and various activities/programs for FITforaPurpose will take place at Atmosphere Bistro Bar, Tag Team Inc. and the open field next to it.

How much is a ticket? Where to buy tix?

You can buy tickets at and they are sold for $30 each.

What do I get with a ticket?

A LOT! Each ticket grants you admission to FITforaPurpose. You will also receive a limited edition Shiok! X Made Real Oh Goodies Healthy Lifestyle box. Additionally, you get to choose which activities you want to participate in for free during the 2 days plus all the freebies like dining vouchers at Atmosphere Bistro and discount vouchers from Sports brands!

What is in the limited edition Shiok! X Made Real Oh Goodies Healthy Lifestyle box?

Limited Edition Oh Goodies Healthy Lifestyle Box by Shiok! and Made Real not to be missed!

Limited Edition Oh Goodies Healthy Lifestyle Box by Shiok! X Made Real

Limited Edition Oh Goodies Healthy Lifestyle Box by Shiok! and Made Real mus try ok!

Limited Edition Oh Goodies Healthy Lifestyle Box by Shiok! X Made Real

A brief background – Made Real believes that balanced eating is one of the means through which we can achieve a better positive self- and body-image, and that one of the reasons the healthy lifestyle box – which contains curated (monthly theme) and healthy snacks, alongside certified nutritional/fitness tips and stories, was born. This month’s Oh Goodies theme, in partnership with Shiok!, is Go Local! This means that all the curated snack items in the box are from Singapore or have local flavours! They include:

Chng Tng Granola (Exclusively developed with Eastern Granola)

Intro by Made Real: We bet you eat chng tng to escape Singapore’s sweltering heat often – enjoy this tasty, traditional dessert now in the form of crunchy granola instead, with a mouthwatering mix of dried longan, goji berries and lotus seeds! PS. You can now have dessert for breakfast!

Laksa Cookies (Exclusively developed with Spatula & Whisk)

Laksa Cookies by Spatula and Whisk

Laksa cookies…shiok!

Intro by Made Real: Cookies are always sweet, but try them now in the well-loved laksa flavour! We guarantee you that this refreshing new adaptation will excite your tastebuds. What more, since this is a savoury flavour, it has 25% less sugar in it – an excuse to have more during teatime.

Teh Si Siu Dai Sng Bao (Exclusively developed with Sng Bao Society)

Intro by Made Real: A retro throwback to our childhoods, when we would get sng bao (ice popsicles) from our nearest mama shops and suck eagerly on these. Now, relieve those moments again with our frozen sticks, flavoured either with lowered sugar teh si. Yay to childhood, and a healthier adulthood too!

Kacang puteh V2.0

Try a healthy but as SHIOK-tasting kacang puteh by Made Real!

Try a healthy but as SHIOK-tasting kacang puteh!

Intro by Made Real: Crunchy, addictive and tasty, the kacang puteh mix has long been the quintessential snack of any true-blue Singaporean. Now, you can have your (healthy) kacang puteh and eat it too! Our mix of almond, edamame, peanut and chickpea mix is either baked or roasted rather than fried, making it a much healthier snacking choice.

Dried Fruits (Jackfruit selection)

Intro by Made Real: Think of tropical climates and jackfruits are never far behind. Grab these sweet, chewy slices now – it contains no sugar for you to relish the naturally sweet goodness of the fruit too without guilt!

Almond milk

So we are all familiar with the dairy milk in the aisles of supermarkets, but have you ever stopped in your tracks and noticed the many other kinds of milk available? One such variety is the fragrant, light almond milk that incorporates the nutty nutrition of (what else) almonds!

Intro by Made Real: Almonds are naturally high in healthy fats and a good source of vitamin D, which boosts your immune system. You can drink it alone, or combine with some fresh fruits in a blender for extra nutrients.

Healthy snacks by Shiok! and Made Real

Shiok! X Made Real Oh Goodies Healthy Lifestyle Box

What is the program?

The event starts at 10.30am and ends at 3pm both days. Registration is required in order to get your Oh Goodies, and of course all the other goodies that comes with it including dining vouchers at Atmosphere Bistro Bar, Game coupons for Tag Team Inc, Discount vouchers for Vivre Yoga Outfitter, and many more! You can enjoy a chillax brunch at Atmosphere Bistro Bar, play a game of laser or archery tag at Tag Team Inc, or participate in the fitness workshops scheduled for both days! There will be frisbee and football games going on, and cycling or skating is available…Also, don’t forget that #OneTeamSG will be there to play those games and face off in TUG-O-WAR challenge with you or take a selfie or two!

Sounds like fun? Its definitely value for money with so much goodies, freebies and activities, not to mention the chance to get up close and personal with some of #OneTeamSG. Get your tickets at *All these with a combined value of $100 (of course you cannot put a price on good health though), at just $30* and share with your friends about the latest FEEL GOOD instalment of #PurposeSG –…See you there!


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