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Shiok Events For A Purpose

We’ve waited a long time to bring you guys some happy news. It’s the new year and after months of planning, we’re so excited to bring you Events For A Purpose: Shiok’s monthly do-good feel-good collaboration!

We are kickstarting the series of Events For A Purpose with some well-loved (and Instagram-worthy) éclairs! Together with local entrepreneurs Artistry Café and L’ÉCLAIR Patisserie, we are coming together and proving that it is possible to have your cake and eat it too (quite literally).

It will be three weekends of heartwarming coffee served by Artistry’s baristas, and an assortment of exclusive éclair flavours from the bakers at L’ÉCLAIR Patisserie. Shiok will also be selling our new Shiok 2.0 collection of locally-designed premiums, apparel, car decals and stickers.

Where does purpose come in? 20% of all proceeds from the event will go towards Bettr Barista, the social enterprise of choice for our first event.

With this initiative, we’re adding ONE more ingredient to the palatable combination of coffee and dessert – a purpose – to create a complete recipe that will whet your appetite to do good. We’re excited to have you join us as we kickstart 2015 with a meaningful (and delicious) cause. Watch this space for details on the event really soon!

What is Events For A Purpose?

Singapore Shiok Events For A Purpose


Events For A Purpose has one goal: bringing local businesses together to lend support to the community and our local beneficiaries. Through monthly collaborations with local startups and companies, we make giving back accessible, effective and sustainable for the masses.

Starting The Shiok Co’s initiative is Éclairs For A Purpose in February 2015, where everyone can come and enjoy desserts while raising funds for a good cause. Look out for an exciting lineup this year, from (Dodge) Balls For a Purpose, to Tarts for a Purpose in April. Food, drinks, music, sports, parties… if you’ve thought of it, we’re probably already planning it!

At The Shiok Co, we believe in the simplicity of reaching out and giving back. We want to start a movement to show that helping others can be done in the every day, and that every action counts. A little goes a long way, so imagine the positive impact a group of people – yes, YOU – will make!

For details on Eclairs For A Purpose, stay tuned to our Instagram @shioksg for updates very soon!



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