Show Some Care For Uncle Tan

Have you heard of the story of Uncle Tan Soy Klang? The story of this 70-year-old man should send you into an outrage as you learn about his predicament.

Scammed by two con women in the last 15 years, he was cheated out of $400, 000 and this included his $2,000 monthly pay check from working two jobs. He even had to borrow money from his neighbours and 73-year-old sister to feed himself despite working non-stop. He works as a cleaner from 7am to 11.30am and then as a pump attendant at the Esso station along Toa Payoh Lorong 2 from 4pm to 11.30pm. If  taking on two jobs does not make you empathize with him, you should know he is also unable to stand up straight due to a spinal injury.

How did they cheat him of so much money? They told him he had owed the government money and he had to repay it. Being friends he had known for a long time, he trusted them and they misused that trust.

The cheating was only uncovered in 2013 by his 39-year-old niece, Pamela Lim who returned from Australia and found out what was going on. She then went to the police.

In recent news, A 65-year-old woman has been arrested for cheating, while another 69-year-old woman is assisting the police with investigations.


Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much. -Helen Keller

The Shiok Collective is bringing together the kampung to CARE for Uncle Tan! We have partnered with local startup Grouphunt who will waive ALL transaction fees and provide us with a free platform for us to raise funds for Uncle Tan. Donations from individuals and corporations are welcome, in cash or in kind.


Visit to donate to Uncle Tan now! Every bit counts as we aim to help him repay his debts so he can start life afresh.

Disclosure: Funds collected will be used to:

1) Make donations to Mr Tan

2) Buy or pay for necessities for Mr Tan

Corporate donors interested to make contributions in kind should email


We, The Shiok Team, are running the #CareforUncleTan Campaign. We care for him, do you?



If you do, post a photo and hashtag #careforuncletan to show your support for him and let him know that we, as a Singaporean community care for him.






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