Madhu Mohana: Defender for LionsXII

The World Cup kicked off on 12 June, and 5 time champions Brazil will host this year’s tournament across 12 cities. Brazil is the most successful country in the World Cup, followed by Italy with 4 titles, Germany with 3 titles. Brazil is the 5
th largest country in the world, the land is home to about 200 million inhabitants, many of whom are crazy for FUTEBOL. The simple yet magical sport has woven itself within the countries culture and has been nothing less than an obsession since the late years of the 19th century when it started in Sao Paulo.

Today, Brazil’s love affair with soccer intertwines itself in many aspects of society, including socially, economically and politically. Originally, futebol was a game reserved for elite private clubs full of athletic young men, but the game has grown since those times. Every class of Brazil’s society now enjoys the game, A smooth, rolling soccer ball does not discriminate between class, race, or religion. It does not care if you are wearing shining, new cleats or are left to kick with bare feet. It will not roll faster if you have a college degree, and it doesn’t care if you live in Rio’s favelas or a sky scraper in Sao Paulo. The fact of the matter is that futebol is a sport that brings Brazilians together.

Looking back to our shores in Singapore, the LionsXII have been the role models for many aspiring soccer players, having a candid interview with Madhu Mohana – a defender who plays for the Singapore-based LionsXII in the Malaysia Super League. He plays as a right back or centre back and is well known for his extremely long throw-ins (he can throw in from the side lines to goal keeping zone!) 


Which country are you supporting at the 2014 World Cup?

I have been an avid fan of England since I was young, Im rooting for them this year because I believe that the players have great skills and the combination of this year’s team is dynamic!

According to your predictions, which team might be the underdogs and potential stunners?
I would say Belgium, they have many new young talented and skill full player makers and this year they look very promising!
Being a soccer player, you would definitely have a favourite player, who would it be? 
Without a doubt, Lionel Messi! Just look at how he plays!
We would like to know more about your favourite pre training/ competition meal? 
I do not have a favourite pre game meal but we usually check into Amara Hotel during home and away games so we get to eat the sumptuous hotel food
#throwback, what do you remember most about growing up as well as your love for football, when did it start? 
When I was younger in kindergarten, my dad would bring me to watch S-league games and with his avid interest in soccer as a soccer player, I learnt some tricks from my old man and we use to play and train together. That when I started to love the sport of soccer through spending time with my dad!
When is your next major cup? 
My next major cup will be the Malaysia Cup coming up in August with the LionsXII.
Any shoutout to your fans? 

The support has been great and I hope it continues. Thank you so much <3


Lions XII Logo.png

LionsXII (“Lions Twelve”), also known as Singapore LIONSXII, is a Singaporean football club based inKallang, Singapore. Founded in 2011, they play in the Malaysian Super League and have spent all of their history in the top tier of Malaysian football. Their home ground is the 8,000-seat Jalan Besar Stadium, where they have played all their home matches since their establishment.

Managed by the Football Association of Singapore, the squad marks the return of Singapore to the Malaysian football scene after leaving the Malaysia Cup in 1994. The name is a combination of Lions and XII, which is a special tribute to the fans, who is generally recognised as football’s “12th Man”. Its motto is “For Country, For Fans. For Passion, For Football”

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