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What the Migrant Workers say about Singaporeans will shock you

You call them names like Bangla and say that they are smelly. But are they really all that you say they are? In reality, without them, we would not have the beautiful city we call home today. Although we see these migrant workers everywhere we go, we tend to forget their contributions and sacrifices they have made but only judge them by the cover. 3 Polytechnic students, Hafis, Luqman and Haziq took the streets to speak to the builders of Singapore. In this heartwarming short clip, they interview a couple of migrant workers from India and Bangladesh.

In the video, the migrant workers feel that all Singaporeans are nice but yet the story changes when one guy mentions that “People here are nice, but sometimes they would try intimidate me for no reason.”

We are all citizens of the earth. Just because we have better paying and more comfortable jobs than these migrant workers, does it mean that we have the right to feel differently about them? These workers built a city that shuts them out. We are all guilty of it in one way or another.

Don’t forget that the house that you live in, the roads that you drive on and even the office you work in, would not exist if it weren’t for these so called “Banglas” that you call. Before you make a stereotypical remark or call them names, stop and think for a second. Would you be where you are today living in comfort if it were not for their blood, sweat and tears?

Watch the video below and hopefully it will open your eyes and your heart.

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