What Happens When The Elders Wear The Youths’ Clothing?

Local photographer Qozop‘s ‘Spring/Autumn’ photo series shows a group of youths swapping outfits with their elderly relations, exchanging their trendy #OOTD for more conservative clothes and even traditional ethnic wear.

While we often think of our elder’s clothes as old-fashioned and boring, this series shows two generations embracing each other’s style and gamely posing for the camera. From every day wear to ethnic clothes, Qozop’s series explores the issues of identity and age and shows us how clothes can change the perception of a person with their expression. These mirrored portraits make us wonder how much of our identity is based on what we wear as we try and set ourselves apart from the rest.

View the rest of the images from the series below—how do you think you would look like in your mother’s or grandfather’s clothes? #ShiokGenerationOOTD on Instagram to share a photo YOU and YOUR parents or grandparents in each other’s clothes! 

[via Qozop]


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