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Cheryl Tay: Motorsports journalist Part 1

Shiok! is proud to feature Cheryl Tay in this exclusive interview. A household name to many, this sports and fitness enthusiast first established herself in the world of cars and motorsports. As a female in a male-dominated world, Cheryl is one of the first and few female motoring journalists in Singapore and writes for prominent titles in Singapore, Asia and internationally.

Some of you may be envious that Cheryl has rubbed shoulders with world champion drivers such as Mika Hakkinen and Sebastian Vettel, as well as other key personalities of the motoring world. She has also travelled for International test drives and motor races like Formula One, MotoGP and the World Karting Series.

As one of the influencers of this year’s Great Eastern Women’s Run, Cheryl’s need for speed and devil-may-care persona will add grit and drive to the various participants who will be taking part in this year’s #RunToLiveGreat Programme,  a new and exciting highlight of the Great Eastern Women’s Run 2014. The #RunToLiveGreat programme encourages non-runners to take that first step towards healthier and better living. Sounds interesting? Well, Great Eastern is challenging 50 pairs of women to step forth and commit themselves to a healthier lifestyle by attending various training sessions, fringe activities and eventually complete a run of any race distance on race day this weekend.

In return, the challenge-accepters would receive a complimentary starter kit worth up to S$350, comprising of an adidas workout T-shirt, a pair of running shoes, a Polar Loop activity tracker, training manual, LiveGreat card, LiveGreat cap, Great Eastern bag, and all-access to three pre-assigned Great Eastern Women’s Run 2014 fringe activities. We cannot wait for the big day come November 9th!

It’s a great pleasure to have you sharing with us your passion Cheryl, tell us more about your interest in running and the Great Eastern Women’s Run.

Running is the easiest sport to pick up, simply because we all can run. It’s whether we like running or not. So yes, I like running because it’s therapeutic and sometimes you just need to get out there and literally run away from whatever stress we have in life. I particularly like the Great Eastern Women’s Run because it is an all-women’s race and somehow we seek comfort in running with our fellow ladies!

What makes this event stand out from other runs, apart from having just women participants, and previous editions as well?

I think there’s more focus on the BFF (Best Friends Forever) angle this year, as well as more emphasis on how we should all adopt an active lifestyle for better health.

What do YOU run for? Why?

I run so I can be free. I run for health, fitness and happiness. In life we are often tied down by stress, deadlines and a whole lot of other negatives, and running is my therapy to relieve stress, where it’s just me and my feet pounding the ground, my me-time or alone time.

Where do you go for that me-time? Where is a great place to run in Singapore? Any other tips?

Singapore has a lot of greenery so there are many great places to run. My favourite is East Coast Park because I grew up in that area, but there are many other nice places in Singapore to run, such as Gardens by the Bay, Bedok Reservoir etc. I tend to avoid city areas because I don’t like crowds (unless you run at Shenton Way on a weekend) and I don’t like being interrupted by traffic lights.

What is your fitness regime like and how does local food come into the picture? Favourite local food (around East Coast Park maybe) and “sinful” indulgence if any?

Cheryl Tay Gym

Credit: Cheryl Tay

My fitness regime is a mix of running, weights, Muay Thai, strength and conditioning. I am not particular with my diet; I need to have chocolate every day! I had my fair share of weight issues and I tried all kinds of diets before, but I decided to forget it and just be happy with what I eat. The more I restrict myself, the more miserable I feel and life shouldn’t be like that!

As I mentioned, I need my daily fix of chocolate but aside from that my favourite local foods includes Wanton Mee, Chicken Rice and Popiah.

You are regarded as a leading expert on Motoring, tell us about Motorsports scene in Singapore…yay or nay? What is on your wish list?

Cheryl Tay motoring sports

Credit: Cheryl Tay

Yay for the awesome Formula One Singapore Grand Prix night race we have, but nay for the grassroots/development level because other than some karting action, we don’t have much activity going on. Definitely much room for improvement!

My wish list? Our own racing track in Singapore of course!

Cheryl Tay race car

Credit: Cheryl Tay

Moving away from professional racing, what is your take on drivers in Singapore? Share a tip for better and safer roads!

Don’t drive if you’re not in the right state of mind, whether it’s a bad day of work, a quarrel with your boy/girlfriend, or not feeling well. Just skip the car.

Lastly…what gets your adrenalin pumping in Singapore?

I’m quite easily excitable so it’s not too difficult to get my adrenalin pumping! Be it an MMA event, F1 race, or just a solid heavy session of deadlifts and back squats!

Thanks Cheryl, and have a wonderful race this Sunday!

If you like to find out more about Cheryl Tay, visit her blog or follow her on Twitter @Cheryl_Tay.

For more information about #RunToLiveGreat, visit the official website and check out the Great Eastern Women’s Run on November 9th at The Float @ Marina Bay!

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