Cheryl Tay: Motorsports journalist Part 2

Having recently shared an exclusive interview with leading motorsports journalist Cheryl Tay, in conjunction with the Great Eastern Women’s Run, we are now inviting Cheryl to tell you why you should run!

It’s relatively cheaper to pick up running…
When people start feeling fat and want to start exercising, the first thing they often do is to go running – simply because it’s the easiest. Somewhere in the house there will be a pair of running shoes that magically appears when you want to start running again; otherwise it’s so easy to buy a new pair anywhere.

You can run anywhere!
You can run in the park, you can run at the stadium, you can run by the beach – as long as you have the shoes and the heart to run, you pretty much can run anywhere you want to. It’s not like certain sports where you have to travel out to a field or a sports hall. Suddenly feel the urge
to run in the midst of a stressful report? Just grab your shoes and run!

It’s easy to be inspired
Running is a hugely-loved sport and it’s easy to find like-minded people around you. Also, there are lots of running events such as the Great Eastern Women’s Run, where you can meet more people from the running community. These events also serve as goals for you to achieve, as you
aim to better your time or complete a particular distance by the end of the year.

Great Eastern Women's Run 2014

Great Eastern Women’s Run

Great Eastern Women's Run

Great Eastern Women’s Run 2014

You can do it alone or in a group
There are days when you feel like doing a run by yourself, to unwind after a long day at work or simply to give yourself some me-time. Then there are days when you appreciate the company or could do with the motivation from a group.

Our Singapore is a safe place to run in
Other than in dark and deserted places, Singapore is a safe city. Just make you inform someone before you go out to run, in case you stay out longer than you should have. Also, get yourself an arm band so you can strap your mobile phone to your arm and bring it along with you when you run, in case you need to call for help.

Perhaps you can jio Cheryl Tay to be running kaki together? If you can keep up with her lah – @cheryltay11! :)

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