This is Home (Part III): Vintage Furniture Stores in Singapore

Want to add even more character to your home in Singapore alongside your Made-in-SG furniture?

If secondhand furniture sounds nothing more than unimpressive hand-me-downs to you, (think again because) these vintage furniture gems in Singapore are here to change that. Not only are refurbished home wares environmentally friendly (yay!), but you’ll be distinguishing your homes with one-of-a-kind pieces that don’t just scream Ikea (the reference keeps popping up). Step aside run-of-the-mill furniture – it’s time to embrace the DIY spirit.

Hock Siong and Co
Step into the home décor store and you are immediately whisked to another era. Hock Siong and Co’s collection of home décor and pretty kitchenware is what caught my attention. The store that has amassed its own local fan following over the years updates their collection regularly, so be sure to follow their Facebook for the latest updates because word has it that things get snap up pretty fast.

hock siong
Intricate China and refurbished furniture at Hock Siong and Co (Image via Hock Siong and Co)

Second Charm
With their impressive selection of refurbished furniture from kopitiam chairs to Scandinavian-inspired spindle-back chairs, this vintage and custom-made furniture is aptly-named. Looking at their catalogue made me want to re-do my entire room. I especially loved their play with eye-popping colours that really gives the old-school furniture a modern update.

Who else is in love with these kopitiam chairs in fun colours? (Image via Second Charm)

Restore Living
Born out of their love for giving old furniture new life, owners Meg and Hwee Min opened their shop and café. I first discovered this trove while walking down Tanjong Pagar road (being hungry helped). Have a cuppa and bagel with walnut cheese as you admire the upholstered chairs for sale that conveniently double up as decoration. The cute prints and patterns will make you wish you could relive the 80’s.

(Image via Restore Living)

Carpenter and Cook
What do you get when you put a carpenter, a cook and a stylist together? A: A winning formula of food and décor that’s as delicious as it looks (well I did want to eat some of the pretty home ware). Located at Upper Bukit Timah road, this vintage home store and bakery café is always packed on the weekends! I’d suggest a trip here if you’re looking for whimsical props and accessories for your home, an event or photoshoot (rental services are available). Otherwise, this is a good stop for a cosy breakfast or just an uplifting way to start your day.

carpenterandcook (1)
The trio behind Carpenter and Cook (Image via Carpenter and Cook)

Do you have any vintage furniture in your home? Tell us its story @ShiokSG today!


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