The Way We Go: A Story on Finding Love Later in Life



Set in the ficitional Convent of Our Lady of Lourdes, Checkpoint Theatre’s The Way We Go follows Agatha Mao, the school’s former principal, as she experiences the greatest loves of her life: Edmund, her intellectual partner, and Violet, her best friend. Spanning over a period of 12 years, the story also sees former students Lee and Gillian challenge the same notion of love as their elders: What are the costs of love? Why do people need each other? What’s at stake when we reach out?

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Local playwright Joel Tan’s newest production aims to unravel the parallel between people who find love later in life, and those who find it early on, with a conclusion that the struggles are the same. It’s interesting to know that the inspiration behind this theme came from Joel’s former teachers he encountered during his 10 years in mission school. Realizing that many of his “old-school Anglo-Indian, English-educated Catholic type” teachers had yet to find love, he imagined what would happen if they did at their age.

LA-based Singaporean actress Lydia Look, who plays Agatha, took this lead role as her debut back into Singapore since her last play thirteen years ago. The cast also includes Julie Wee, Neo Swee Lin, Chng Xin Xuan and Malaysian actor Patrick Teoh.

Written with wit and affection, The Way We Go is a sensitive meditation on growing up and growing old. It looks at love in places where we least seek it; the love for learning, life, and language; the love between friends and kindred spirits. Above all, this heartwarming story celebrates love in all its simplicity and complexity.

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