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Hey Mums and Dads out there, you are going to thank us for this lobang! Want the discount code? You’re gonna have to keep scrolling before you dress your kids up and get fancy with fashionable clothing for your little one from The Little Affair! 25 year old, Jacinda Ng, and her partner started selling kids apparel last year and that goes without saying… they LOVE kids. From handpicking the apparel to managing the kids photoshoot, Jacinda and her partner have their hands full! Find out more about Jacinda and how she deals with working with kids! Budding entrepreneurs, listen up! Jacinda has some word of advice for you!


Image Credit: Remember Singapore Blog

Where is your neighbourhood?

Most of my childhood days were in Yishun and Bishan, before moving to Dairy Farm area as an adult. Both my parents worked when my younger brother and I were young, so we were taken care of by our helper, Rancy. She has been like a second mum to me, being there from I was 2 to 22. Something I remember most from my childhood: those good ol’ sand-based neighbourhood playgrounds with swings and see-saws. I’d swing as high and fast as I can – and at that moment in time, I’d feel so happy and carefree.


Why The Little Affair? What’s the story behind the name.

We brainstormed for a name that is not too kiddy but yet still announces that we sell products for kids. My cheeky partner’s creative juices started flowing after a jug of beer one night, and “The Little Affair” was born. I like that it has a double meaning to it; 1) matters relating to the little ones and 2) having a passionate attachment to the little one. Like how sons are mummies’ little boyfriends.

What made you want to own an online children’s clothing store?

publicgardenI have a little cousin who turned 3 this year. She’s the joy of our family and is spoilt silly by the amount of gifts she receives from all of us. I would not hesitate to buy lovely clothes for her whenever I saw them, and I guess that’s how it sparked my interest in kids’ apparel. And no doubt, my little cousin is one of my models. She’s a star favourite!

I wanted to start an online store for kids’ apparel and accessories just like how it is for the ladies. These ladies who shop online for fashionable good buys for themselves would definitely love to be able to do the same for their kids, nieces or nephews! The products that The Little Affair carries are all personally curated by my partner and I. We aim to strike an ideal balance between design, quality and cost. We believe that great style and fashion can be affordable and should be accessible for everyone.

IMG_0703What are some of the challenges you faced?

Cultural communication was something we had to take note of when we went sourcing for our products at the beginning. We had to be very careful that we were not taken advantage of. Furthermore, we were one of the youngest buyers. Thankfully, nothing major happened. Another challenge we faced was that we had to take about 5 sizes for each design, so that translate into more stock to store!

Is it easy working with kids?

We are the only online store selling kids apparel that have kids modelling every product in different angles. It is definitely not easy to get 2-year-olds to pose for you but the end results are always so fulfilling. I love the photos – the kids look fantastic!

Any advice for budding entrepreneurs?

Being a business owner is a rather lonely road. It may seem pretty dark at times, but when you keep pushing forward, you will be able to find support around you. You will always end up at a better place even if you fail, as you’ll learn from every experience.


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