Andrew Kiong: The Aircon Specialist

andrew01When you search online for an air conditioning (aircon) service or repair company, you get a whole list of them and would wonder which one of these companies would you want to engage. The safest bet would be from referrals by friends and colleagues. In our highly humid climate and soaring temperatures, the air-con seems to be an everyday MUST-HAVE. From the comfort of our home to the shopping malls, we enjoy the superbly cold “climate” that the air conditioner has created for us. But do we actually take notice if the air conditioner is running at its optimal?Andrew (left) is an expert in his field and he has been servicing, repairing, installing residential air-conditioners for the past 14 years. In his own words, “[he] appreciates that in [his] line of work, [he] gets to see how different homes are designed and laid out and also meet new friendly people from all professions and all walks of life. Time passes quickly and everyday is different in interesting”.

What are some tips you would impart to Singaporeans in terms of air-conditioning usage? 

We can take a look at what the National Environment Agency (NEA) has established to better safe the environment and to optimise the use of the air conditioned in homes.

  • Set the air conditioning temperature at about 25°C. The lower the temperature setting, the more energy is used by air conditioners.
  • Choose energy efficient appliances (e.g. air conditioners and refrigerators) by choosing a model with more ticks on the energy label.
  • Check the fan options. Many units offer three fan settings: high, medium, and low. If you’re used to keeping your air-conditioner on high, try keeping your unit set to medium or low and see if it’s enough to keep you cool.
  • Look at the direction of the vents. If the vents are pointed all the way toward one side, move them to face the center. This should help direct the cool air outward into the room.
  • Inspect the filter. Many modern units have an indicator light that goes on when it’s time to clean the filter. If your unit’s filter is dusty or dirty, the unit won’t operate as efficient as it should, meaning you’ll spend the same amount of money for less air-conditioning.

What is your inspiration behind your pursuit of your job? 

After being retrenched once in the 1996 Asian Financial Crisis from my Sales Engineer job in a small MNC, I started to pick up Aircon servicing (Pure Fresher Air) . My wife was extremely supportive but after a year or two, I was again retrenched in  in 1998 due to the slow and still uncertain world economy. It was then I decided to go full time into air conditioning servicing. It was hard work but I never gave up because I could see the potential as people wanted an honest air conditioning servicing company. I am truly grateful to be able to run a small business but I do not have any intentions to strike it big with the business. I am definitely contented with the simple operations that I have now because I don’t really measure success solely on the size of a person’s wealth.  I believe it’s not the years in your life but the life in your years. My dream is to travel the world and experience different cultures and way of life in those countries. Life is short and I don’t want to have regrets when I am 60, 70+ and haven’t seen the world.

Looking back #throwback, What do you remember most about growing up in Singapore? 

Things that I did during my primary school days such as, catching spiders, looking for tadpoles in our school grounds and guessing number of marbles in our clenched fist. When in secondary, it was the Game and Watch craze by Nintendo and going to the game arcade to play Space Invaders or Pac Mac, even thought those arcades were frequented by gangsters then.

Where is your hangout spot? 

My wife and I hang out mostly in tow, mainly Ion, Wisma and Taka on Sundays as there is cheap per entry parking nearby. And also at Vivocity too. We do some shopping online but also in physical stores too such as Zara, Pull and Bear etc.

What comes to your mind when you think of Shiok? (eg. food, people, uniquely singapore, family, friends)

When I think of, I think of fun, laughter, excitement, a high, all things Singaporean, our past present and future, inspirational stories of fellow Singaporeans from all walks of life, family, love and sense of nationhood togetherness.

What is one thing you would like to encourage future entrepreneurs in Singapore?

I don’t think I am qualified to give any advice, but for myself, I think one must be willing and prepared to accept possible failure, in order to succeed. Some ideas that seems like sure success end up failing; while other ideas that seems impossible, end up being successful, like the Tomagochi craze years ago. If you have a dream and a realistic financial and business plan on paper, then just go for it.

I love to travel and my next trip planned or next year is a 35 day backpacking tour adventure in Central America with my wife. I have recently started to take an interest in photography and am still learning how to get the pictures right especially in low light conditions. It’s fun!


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