Shiok!’s Alternative Halal Makan Places

Alternative Halal Makan Joints

Singapore is undoubtedly a multi-racial city, and a very harmonious one in the past few decades. Growing up in Singapore, we were taught the importance of understanding of and tolerance for differences amongst each other from another racial group. Most Singaporeans, from young, go to public schools and in class they mingle with other Singaporean children of different ethnicities, with whom they form lifelong bonds with. This exchange has provided a direct insight to different practices and beliefs and as a nation we have grown familiar and comfortable with the major racial groups in Singapore and celebrate all the major festivals together.

This month our Muslim friends observe Ramadan, in the lead up to Hari Raya Aidilfitri, falling on 28th July.

Hari Raya at Geylang Serai

Hari Raya at Geylang Serai

Those who do not practice Islam may only know some common details about Ramadan. Indeed, Ramadan is the holy month for Muslims and what most people know as the fasting month. Muslims fast from before the sun is up until the sun sets, and by fasting, it means they abstain from temptations including food and drinks.

What you might not know is the meaning behind this fasting month. Did you know that the purpose of Ramadan is to bring Muslims closer to God and fasting gives Muslims a greater appreciation for the blessings they have and more empathy for those who are less fortunate?

Understanding and caring for those less privileged is something that we all can learn. We can definitely show support for our Muslim friends by being sensitive around them when they are fasting, for example, by not eating in front of them in school or asking around in the office “where to go makan during lunch?”

At the end of the day, when it comes to breaking fast, we can all enjoy a meal together at the following halal joints that offers various different cuisines!

Arnold’s Chicken

Arnold’s Chicken is not just a pioneer amongst Halal eateries in Singapore, they proudly declare to all customers via a newspaper clipping at their flagship joint in City Plaza that they are the first fast-food joint in Singapore to be certified Halal…way back in 1990! We wonder how many chickens have been served since then.

Singapore's first halal fast food joint

Singapore’s first halal fast food joint

They are known for their fried chicken of course, and what you get at Arnold’s is greatly different from what you might be used to at KFC. The fried chicken is less greasy and less breaded but the crispiness and flavour is definitely finger and thumbs licking awesome!

Hop on down to 810 Geylang Road, #02-99 at City Plaza to try some of Singapore’s very own fast food fried chicken today…however, be warned that waiting time to be served may take up to an hour during lunch and dinner as the chicken are cooked upon order! Certainly provides debate to their “fast food” label.

Group having takeaway together enjoying Arnold's Fried Chicken

Group having takeaway together enjoying Arnold’s Fried Chicken

Evertop Hainanese Chicken Rice

Singapore’s favourite dish can be enjoyed by everyone at this Halal Chicken Rice Stall, also known as Nasi Ayam Hailam Tanpa Tulang. The steamed chicken served here offers a very popular boneless option, hence Tanpa Tulang which is Malay for without bones.

When you and your friends visit Clementi Ave 2, Block 354, to enjoy this chicken rice, do take note that the stall serves other dishes as well that will complement your chicken rice very well!


Singapore’s favourite dish besides the abovementioned Chicken Rice, Laksa, has gone under the knife, alongside other kitchen cutleries, to populate Laksania’s colourful menu. Think Laksa Burger, Laksa Rice or even Laksa Pasta!

All the Laksa dishes are Halal, and the mains include Laksa Goreng, Kelantan Laksa, Laksa Lasagna, Chicken Spaghetti Laksa, Laksa Fish Burger with fries, Laksa Fried Rice, and Laksa Seafood Hotpot. It might take a few trips back to 201 Victoria Street #04-04 at Bugis+ or other branches to try out all of them…Indeed, there are options here for everyone, not forgetting their signature Singapore Laksa!

Royal Kublai Khan Steamboat Buffet

When you talk about breaking fast, the stomach is surely ready to be fed. How else can you be fed to the maximum other than having a buffet?

The steamboat buffet offered at this Mongolian BBQ and Steamboat Buffet, located at 175 Bencoolen St #01-56 at Burlington Square, uses a soup recipe that dates back to the time of Mongolian Warlord Genghis Khan. Talk about food fit for kings…If one of history’s greatest warrior kings eats these food, we think we can do no worse dining here too! Of course, no buffet is complete without other sumptuous spread and you can find dishes like Satay, Beef Rendang, Black Pepper Crab and Sambal Lala here as well.

Carousel Buffet

If you have been voted by one of the world’s most foodie nations as the country’s best buffet more than once, you are doing something right.

It seems that everyone loves Carousel Buffet, one of Singapore’s best and most famous Halal International Buffets, and with good reason. Quality of food and service are top notch, and the variety of exquisite food is in abundance. The setting and ambience of the restaurant itself is also extremely comfortable and classy, a combination that may not always come together.

Be sure to make a reservation if you are planning a visit to 25 Scotts Road at Royal Plaza on Scotts for dinner!

Sembawang Eating House Seafood Restaurant @ Marina Barrage

The Marina Barrage is an increasingly popular attraction and there is one more reason to visit now, with Sembawang Eating House Seafood Restaurant, formerly from Bottle Tree Park, setting up shop there.

What is great here that you can dine and enjoy all of Singapore’s most popular tze char delicacies, such as Chilli Crab and also dim sum delights, such as Har Gow, together with your Muslim friends at this Halal-certified restaurant by the barrage, located at 8 Marina Gardens Drive, #01-05.

Marina Barrage at Night

Marina Barrage at Night

Le Steak by Chef Amri

Freshly shucked oysters? Prime Tenderloin steak? Rack of veal? That’s what you can get at an affordable price at this Halal-certified restaurant at 248 Jalan Kayu, right on the famous culinary corner of North Singapore.

If you find the man behind the restaurant, Chef Amri, familiar, it is because he is a local celebrity chef who often grace our screens on Suria’s food programs and shows. As a hands-on chef and entrepreneur, there is high chance you can catch him at his casual European-styled cosy restaurant!

Streats HK Café

It may not be easy to enjoy famous Hong Kong and Cantonese Halal-certified cuisine but this casual 茶餐厅has solved all our problems!

You can enjoy every day authentic Hong Kong fare at 1 Pasir Ris Close #02-104/5 at E! hub, amongst other outlets, with a selection of over 100 items from the extensive Halal menu. Well, guess not all our problems have been solved…imagine ordering from the menu! #FirstWorldProblems

We invite all of you to break fast or have dinner with your family and friends at the above food joints this week, and you are welcome to share your comments below about your experience!

From all of us at Shiok!, Ramadan Mubarak and Selamat Hari Raya Eid Fitr!

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