“Season for Giving” – Initiatives By Local Malls and F&B Outlets

As December approaches, so does Christmas! Everyone says that Christmas is the season for giving and what better way to celebrate Christmas than to spend it with your family.

Check out this heartwarming video on the spirit of giving by Marina Bay Sands.

Now, wasn’t that touching? Despite all the daily hustle and bustle, the many responsibilities we have as students or working adults, let the month of December be one that we will spend remembering kinship and friendships that we have forged over the years. Marina Bay Sands is holding a #thegivelist contest this festive season to promote the idea of giving.

1396973_958356237526324_4531677674118035052_oPhoto Credit: Marina Bay Sands

If you can’t afford an expensive meal or gift, don’t fret, after all the spirit of giving is what counts. Even a smile can brighten up the day of a stranger and show that you care. Watch this video and see how F&N Seasons spread good cheer by getting people to smile and have fun.

If you are feeling generous and would like to give for a good cause, check out initiatives by food and beverage outlets such as Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf where you can purchase a special Christmas bear $15 and full proceeds from the sale of the Christmas bear will benefit the Singapore Children’s Society.


Let’s not forget the needy and the poor. We, Singaporeans, if we are to be remembered for anything, it should be our kindness and compassion to those in need and how we treasure our relationships with friends and family.

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 Do you know of any other such meaningful initiatives? Share them with us @ShiokSG #itsSHIOKtoGIVE! :)

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