Made-in-SG & Proud to be LAH-cal!

Singapore has recently just turned 49 years old, and while August may be coming to an end, we should not be so quick to move on to the next big event or fireworks celebration. Even though we celebrate together as one nation our country’s birthday once a year, there are others things that we can do every day to celebrate the triumph of our history and to ensure the success of our future. For example, we should reflect among ourselves and be thankful for Singapore. Another idea: How about we also support “Made-in-Singapore”, and be proud to be LAH-cal!

Here is a shout-out to 9 Made-in-Singapore brands that represent our city, our people, and our story:

The Water Boy: Three Legs Cooling Water

Behind the plain, or obiang, look, lies a magic potion with a thousand healing properties. Ok, that is not really true, but this bottled water with unimaginative packaging is more than that – Three Legs Cooling Water is actually a traditional Chinese health drink made of purified water and 石膏 and can help relieve heat stroke, constipation, acne, ulcers, headaches and many other symptoms that result from heatiness. In fact, the drink is TCM-certified!

You may remember buying this drink from mama shops in your childhood (it was most popular in Singapore in the 1980s), although it is more commonly consumed by our neighbours in other parts of Asia today. Nonetheless, you can still find them around and given the heat wave the sweeps Singapore 6 and a half days a week, we are very thankful for Singaporean company Wen Ken Group for selling this cooling water.

3 legs

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The Housewife: UIC

“UIC, Oh UIC~” Who wouldn’t recognize this household brand with a kickass jingle? Sometimes I wonder if the jingle is more famous than the product itself! Or if there are people who know the jingle…but don’t know the product??

Keeping your house clean since 1964 (just before our Nation’s Independence), this Singaporean company, Universal Integrated Corporation Consumer Products, is our largest manufacturer of home care products! Additionally, the company has also produced other household brands which you use including SPIN and Sofsil.

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The Doctor: Axe Brand

The now-world famous medicated oil has its humble beginning from Singapore, and remain til today one of the best-loved medicated products for our pioneer generation. For those unfamiliar with the pungent smell of the oil, they might wonder why some people are so “addicted” to using Axe Brand Oil!

While this medicated oil can now be found in over 40 overseas markets, I am willing to place a wager that a small glass tube of Axe Brand multi-purpose medicated oil can still be found in every local household in Singapore!


The Baker: Khong Guan Biscuits

Khong Guan is the biggest biscuit manfacturer in Singapore. So much so that the company is even listed on the stock exchange…yes, SGX!

ALL of us grew up eating one of the many types of biscuits produced by Khong Guan. It could be breakfast biscuits with your kopi or teh, or a simple lunch to save more pocket money…in fact any time of the day, as it also make for a yummy snack! All you have to do is to open up that giant tin box.

Khong Guan

The Stripper: Strip – Ministry of Waxing

Strip was a pioneer in this little red dot when it launched its Brazilian waxing and other waxing services (Boyzilian anyone?) and made them accessible and catered to the pubic, I mean public. Correction, “accessible” is an understatement. Strip’s marketing was certainly not subtle and so effective that it cemented waxing of pubic parts deep into Singaporeans’ roots. Who can forget the lucky orangutan going hand-in-hand skinny-dipping with bikini-clad babes? Strip changed the lifestyle of entire generation of Singaporeans, maybe two.

Strip’s parent company and waxing visionary, Spa Esprit Group, is also the proud owner of many other local beauty and F&B unique and innovative brands that have gone regional, including Skinny Pizza, forty h4nds and browhaus.

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The Frequent Flyer: Singapore Airlines

While we continue to export “Made-in-Singapore”, it remains true to a large extent that Singapore has only a few truly global and world class brands right this moment, and Singapore Airlines is one of them. Anywhere in the world, this brand is recognised and admired.

Singapore Airlines has built its brand over the decades with utmost excellence of aircraft, technology, safety, services, and who can overlook the iconic flight crew – the Singapore Girl. So many travellers fly SQ today, that it is the 2nd largest airline in the world in terms of its business!

The Kid: Thumbdrive

Not many people know that thumbdrive was invented in Singapore, by a local tech company Trek 2000. The thumbdrive itself has undergone massive changes over the years from when it was first launched. Back then, memory capacity was limited, the thumbdrives were physically larger, almost the size of a thumb…hence the name. Today, there are massive capacity thumbdrives in the market of all shapes and sizes!

Like some of the above brands’ parent companies, Trek 2000 is listed on SGX. In addition to the thumbdrive, the company owns other brands like the flucard, and countless local and international patents.

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The Deejay: X-mini

The company’s motto is “Sound beyond size”. That explains why the product direction has led to many tiny speakers. Don’t let them fool you though, because they are famed for producing loud and clear quality sound despite the small sizes!

X-mini speakers are very accessible to the consumer especially in terms of pricing too, which could explain how come it has so successfully penetrated many global markets!

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Do you use any of the above brands?

Share with us your love for “Made-in-Singapore”, be it the above brands or other local brands that you know, and show us that you are proud to be lah-cal!

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