Ng Han Bin: Team Singapore Men’s Basketball Player

Directed by local actor Tay Ping Hui, MEETING THE GIANT is the brainchild of veteran actor Jack Choo 朱厚任, and stars Ian Fang, and new faces who are professional players from the Singapore Slingers. MEETING THE GIANT is based on a true story and talks about a coming-of-age tale of a team of Chinese basketball players trying to achieve their dreams in Singapore.

At Shiok, we had the chance to interview one of the cast in MEETING THE GIANT, Ng Han Bin, a National Basketball Player.

1) Tell me more about yourself?

I’m a member of the Singapore Slingers, the only professional basketball team in Singapore. It’ll be my fourth season with the Slingers this coming July. Despite having just one kidney, I’ve been actively playing basketball since young. Apart from basketball, I like to pick up new skills, such as cooking and baking. I have just picked up the habit of reading books lately and you can probably call that one of my hobbies for now. Besides that, I love to travel and explore different parts of the world, but commitments to trainings don’t really allow me the luxury of time during this period.

2) How was acting for ‘Meeting The Giant’? / When is the launch of the movie in the theatres?

It was an eye opener for me. I always had an interest in acting since young and the great opportunity that God blessed me with exposed me to how everything works behind the screen. Besides that, it is definitely not easy as this is our first time acting. Nonetheless, it was a priceless experience. The movie will be coming to the cinemas near you on June 19th 2014 

3) What is your inspiration behind your pursuit of basketball?

I actually started playing basketball through peer influence back in primary school days. It has developed from a pastime with my buddies to a big part of my life now. God is definitely my inspiration as I can use my blessing to shine for him. Furthermore, I have to say that it has benefited me a great deal in terms of character building. There are definitely times that I want to give up committing to the sport, but thankfully the presence of my beloved teammates and coaches serve as a good reminder for me to know why I started this journey.

4) What about Singapore do you love most? / What about Singapore do you miss?

It goes without saying that I love the wide varieties of mouth-watering food in Singapore. Beside that, I’d have to say the cleanliness of Singapore. I miss the old public buses that I used to take to school. It will bring back so much memories if I come across them .

5) How is playing for a professional league like? What is your next major competition? What ‘Shout out” do you have for your fans!

In a professional league like the ABL, you get to compete against some American imports, who used to play in the NBA. The level of competitiveness is usually higher in professional leagues and that’s also where we get to learn more as Singapore basketball is not at a standard yet that we get to travel out of Asia much to compete. But after all, it’s still the game of basketball so only by enjoying what we do, we can perform to our best. Last season’s setback has motivated us to work even harder for this season. We promise to display a better brand of basketball this season! Our season will be starting on 20th July 2014! Do give us your love and support for the Singapore Slingers! Do check out Singapore Slingers at 

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