NDP 2014 Reflections: 10 Things to be Thankful for Singapore

There is an existing stereotype about Singaporeans loving to complain about many things, even though that should not apply to all Singaporeans. It is precisely a result of this “trait” that the terms “Complain King/Complain Queen” came about. On a positive note, complaining can be interpreted as an expression of wanting this to be improved and better than its current state. One could say that it is their way to show their love towards a country that have given us a really great life and want it to be better.  
This weekend marks 9th August – a very special day for all Singaporeans. It is our National Day; A day that we all unite as children of Singapore and show our love and appreciation.NDP Celebration
I have stayed in the following countries through out my life:
Malaysia – 3 years
Australia – 2 years
USA – 1 year
Thailand – 2 years
Brazil – 6 months

As a tribute to Singapore for her birthday, here is a list of 10 things that I am thankful about Singapore:

  1. Safety – Singapore is safer than most countries. Statistics show that our crime rates are one of the lowest in the world but low crime doesn’t mean no crime. As citizens, we have to play our part in being vigilant and coorperative.The proud uniform of Singapore Police Force
  2. Education – All citizens have access to Education. Comparing to other countries, we are tops 
  3. Access to water – We have access to clean water from tap – almost everywhere in Singapore. 
  4. Public transport: Singapore has one of the most efficient transport system despite the breakdown.
  5. Traffic – Singapore’s traffic conditions is amazing. Stay in Thailand, Malaysia or Indonesia and you will know what I mean
  6. Medical – All citizens have access to subsidized medical facilities.
  7. Racial Harmony – It is impossible to find a racist in Singapore. All of us have close friends from another race and we tend to respect their culture and celebrate major festivals together
  8. Affordable Technology – How many other countries have access to high speed wifi and the latest gadgets like us?
  9. Tax – We have one of the lowest tax rate in the world – Income tax or GST. That’s because we are encouraged to work for ourselves and do not need to support heavy social welfare costs.
  10. Food – Delicious food, from many different cultures, in one city. And access to food at any time.Singapore Hawker Centre
We, including myself, grow up as very pampered citizens. But after spending about one third of my life in 5 different countries, I am learning to appreciate my country more.
Hopefully, this national day will be a day for us to love Singapore more than ever. 

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