It’s Happy O’ Clock!

Happy Hour Hot Spots in Singapore

When we think happy hour, cheap drinks after five come to mind. While you can find my friends and I having a good chug or two after hours at our favourite bar in China Square Central, I thought it’ll be fun as part of Labour Day month to put a little local spin to everyone’s favourite time of the day. Disclaimer: Knowledge of this information might cause a case of the Merlion.

Raffles Place

With bars like FIVE Izakaya Bar, The Exchange and the new basement club Kyo scattered around the area, here’s where you’ll find your bankers, traders, financiers and the likes. Also known for the most well-dressed OLs in town, head this way for your dose of eye candy in the form of super sharp dressers, killer heels and suited-up Barneys. Wolf-whistle away!

Five Izakaya


If you’re looking for a place with very affordable booze in a fuss-free alfresco setting, the uncles have probably already beaten you to it. There’s hardly a limit to happy hour at these coffee shops, with some that stay open 24/7. You’ll see the cabbies, daddies and retirees having a swig at these kopitiams (usually with eyes glued to the football game on the tellies). Last we heard, coffee houses are the new bars, with the cool kids choosing these hangouts to have their pints.


Club Street

The watering holes lined up along Club Street and the Ann Siang Hill area fill up with the artsy fartsy crowd after sunset. Situated near Chinatown (known for housing uber cool agencies and publications), here’s where the advertising suits, designers, alternative media and producers hang. Live your inner hipsters and don your wackiest pantsuits here, or just enjoy the view.

Lolla @ Club Street

Country Club Bars

You’ll be surprised at how exciting things can get at these country club bars. This is where you’ll find the middle-aged SME owners and businessmen as they order Brandy by the bottle and unwind with friends. Throw in sassy live music and you’ll be bopping your head in agreement before you can say “wahlao so obiang!”

Rooftop Bars

Rooftop bars are springing up like mushrooms in our city, and with good reason. They offer an escape out of the urban jungle, where you can take in some fresh air and forget about work even if just for awhile. My friends head to The Mad Men Attic Bar for a no-fail night of fun, and my other personal favourite is Loof (beer pong anyone?)

1.000 (1)

There are plenty of options for happy hour here that’ll take you anywhere from roll-out-of-bed ready to fancy. Until I find my default bar ala MacLaren’s of How I Met Your Mother, I’m happy bar hopping and discovering new places. Where is your go-to place for the best happy hour deals in Singapore? I’d love to know!

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