Adler Poh: The Hostelier


With a design emphasis on fusing colonial charm with modern quirkiness, Singapore’s first luxury hostel is located in the heart of the Chinatown and brings a fresh, new spin to living history in a vibrant yet sophisticated environment. Named the top 7 most awesome hostel in the world, Adler Hostel was established in 2012 by a charming young man. (No prizes to guessing the name of the owner!)

Could you tell us a little bit (a lot) about yourself?

Hello, I am Adler Poh! I’m 26 years old, single and available. ;P I am a middle and only son to the Poh family. My interest includes traveling, arts, cooking, learning languages and business. I enjoy the simple things in life such as a home cooked meal with family and friends or just lazing by the pool reading something that is self enriching. I have a keen interest in culture and heritage and am always making effort to blend in with the locals while I am abroad. My favorite continent in the world is Europe; love it for its appreciation for the finer things in life and the beautiful sceneries it boosts, above all, the wonderful four seasons. My philosophy in life to be yourself and don’t take other people’s judgment of you to heart (less close family and friends), pursue your dream with all your heart and soul, your commitment and strive for excellence will see you through your dream!


What inspired you to be a Hotelier and why Chinatown?

I have always enjoyed meeting people from all walks of life, all parts of the world. Having to orchestrate an interior that is my ideal concept of hospitality is truly inspirational for me and self-enriching. The process of building up a business is also a pull factor for me since a young age thanks to my entrepreneurial great grandfather, grandmother and father. Chinatown is a great location for many reasons, 1) heritage ethnic quarter, 2) close walk to Clarke quay, Raffles Place and Marina Bay precinct, 3) linked with well connected transportation system, 4) accessible to famous food outlets (i.e Maxwell, Amoy, Clarke Quay).

What is your typical day like, well aside from being a businessman?

At my free time I will be catching up with my sleep. I enjoy making a meal for my family and also spending a day by the pool or BBQ with friends. Shopping is based on necessity so heading to orchard rd will be once in a blue moon sort of activity. Chauffeuring my parents around is also what I enjoy doing.

Favourite Singaporean food and drink?

Wow, too many to list down!

This is one major pull factor for me to stay in Singapore!

1)     Lavender wanton mee

2)     Tong fong chicken rice

3)     Marina parade char kway teow

4)     Roland’s pepper crab

5)     Katong laksa

6)     Tian fu satay steamboat

7)     Chendol

8)     Sugarcane drink

9)     Famosa ban mee (spinach noodles, dry with special meat sauce)

10)  Bedok mee pok

So where is your “hood” and favorite hangout spot in our little red dot?

My hood will always be at Katong where I spent most of my life. A lot of my memories are here, spent shopping at the Geylang Serai wet market, heading to the beach with family or playing cricket at the ground floor to our apartment. I currently enjoy being in the peaceful space of Sentosa Cove.

What do you vividly remember about your childhood in Singapore?

I had a wild and fun childhood running around and having the freedom to live my life as a playful child. Though I didn’t do well in school, both my parents never demand much from me and always encouraged me to pursue what I like. It is also this “freedom” that made me work hard to perform well academically. I always enjoyed being with my grandma learning from her cooking or merely just imagining the wonderful stories she tells me of her growing up in china and Papua new genuine. I never enjoyed our education system and still not a support of how each child is brought up through education. I had many moments that I wished I didn’t exist due to the “one way” academic system.

What did you see when you were growing up that you wish was still around right now?

I miss the dragon playgrounds in Singapore as I played in such playgrounds a lot while I was younger. I miss space in Singapore. We are very much crowded now as compared to before. I miss the slower pace of life and family time. We are after an ISLAND nation eh?

Find out more about Adler Hostel at or drop by Adler Hostel @ 259 South Bridge Road to see the man in action and befriend him (trust me, he is super friendly). Be sure to recommend Adler Hostel to your friends who are visiting Singapore!

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