7 ways to feel SHIOK this holiday season

It’s great when enjoying festivities, and doing some good go hand-in-hand!

We’ve put together a list of things to do, savour and enjoy that we think will leave you feeling fantastic. There’s a good chance you’ll help others, while helping yourself to a happy holiday season.

Warm, fuzzy feelings included!
1. EAT


Holiday season calories don’t count, so indulge away! We’ve assembled a small list of outlets (in Singapore) where you can inhale some seriously great food and beverages.




Grab your friends, enter the Willing Hearts kitchen and get ready to cook for 5,000 people. Fret not for you’ll be in good company, where every day, volunteers cook hot meals for those who might otherwise go hungry.



Shop for good


Get something meaningful for your friends and family, and give yourself a treat too. We recommend CDs of music co-written and performed by at-risk youth in Singapore, hand-made dolls sewn by women in East Timor, cool shark t-shirts that will benefit sharks and give fishermen who used to hunt them in Indonesia a viable alternative, solar lamps sold by women entrepreneurs in the islands off Batam, colourful toys, bags and jewellery made by people with special needs, the old, or those living in financially difficulty in Singapore.



Party for good


Take a dance lesson from the Pluspoint group and you and your friends can have some coordinated – even slick! – moves for that year-end party. At the very least, we guarantee it’ll be a hoot. Alternatively, let the professionals take care of the entertainment by hiring them to spice up the party.




Aside from meaningful physical gifts (see point 3), you can honour a friend or family member by sponsoring a student in the Philippines, Cambodia or Singapore to get a tertiary education, offering a domestic helper the chance to learn business skills, or extending a micro loan to someone trying to work her way out of the poverty trap in India, in your friend or family member’s name.



Vote for your favourite Good Story of the Year


Reward yourself by standing a chance to win some cool stuff like solar lamps, t-shirts, tote bags and more! Plus, you get to help someone doing good in Asia win $10,000 so he or she can do more good. No tricks. It really is that easy. All you have to do is vote online for your favourite Our Better World Good Story of the Year.




OK, we lied. Holiday calories do count. But the good news is that you can ease your guilt by running with the blind or those with special needs, dancing with elderly aunties and uncles who can Zumba like you wouldn’t believe, or playing tennis with the blind (that’s right, they can play tennis!).

And finally, these school kids from Vietnam broke out in spontaneous song when we were filming there in October. We think you’ll like this.

Have a SHIOK holiday everyone,

With love from Our Better World.

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