50 for 50: Giving Change a Chance with Gerald Tay

If you have not heard, the 50 for 50 campaign is about coming together to do something different, something unexpected. It’s about changing the apparent mindset that we GEN-Y folk (under 35) don’t care about the community. That we’re a bunch of selfish, entitled young adults.

Project 50 for 50 is here to provide every day people to give CHANGE a CHANCE.

The goal is to activate and empower 50 changemakers to raise funds AND awareness for charities in Singapore.

Each changemaker will raise as much as they can. This will then be matched 1-for-1 with a corporate which will double the total!

This sum will then be matched next under the Care-and-Share match funding program dollar-for-dollar, which brings the total sum to a whopping 4x of what the changemaker has raised – that’s $4 for every dollar raised!

Raising funds 50 for 50

Shiok! @ The Change Mvmt 


We at Shiok! believes that it is SHIOK to GIVE, and have dedicated the whole month of December to giving! We recently lent our support for a 50 for 50 changemaker Grace Huang at her charity flea The Change Mvmt for which we were the official media sponsor. We also launched our new range of premiums and lah-cal Tees at this event!

Just the day before, we visit Chen Su Lan Methodist Children’s Home for #GivingTuesdaySG and brought some holiday treats and sweets for the kids! Our friends from 3 Blind Mice were behind this awesome video – #GivingTuesdaySG with Shiok!.

We have also shared with you 8 places you can volunteers this month if you are interested!

To continue the season of giving, Shiok! is proud to lend our support to Gerald Tay, Businessman and 50 for 50 changemaker for his upcoming event.


A little bit about Gerald…

Gerald Tay Changemaker

Gerald Tay 50 for 50 (Credit 50for50.sg)

Gerald is the MD of a family business – a local boutique corporate services firm TPS. Not only does he enjoy all kinds of music from classical to heavy metal, he is also a very good vocalist! In fact, he recently performed at Wala Wala in Holland Village to raise funds for 50 for 50! He is very personable and enjoys talking to and sharing with people about almost anything. This is because he is a firm believer that with every conversation, there is always something more to be learnt or shared, and it helps one in personal growth.

Gerald Tay Singing

Gerald Tay singing with emotion to his mobile phone (credit 50for50.sg)

How did he become a changemaker?



Sabo was the answer, half in jest (Gerald was “sabo-ed” by one of the organizing committee member’s father into joining this cause). Always a strong believer in the saying that “everything happens for a reason”, had he not bumped into the “sabo-er” at a random event, he would never have been involved as a changemaker in 50for50…But the time is better now than ever for Gerald to make something happen for the greater good!

Who is he helping and why?

Gerald’s father has always been involved in a lot of charity work and fundraising, so it was natural for Gerald to consult Senior Tay on this matter of which cause to choose. When he reverted with St Andrew’s Cathedral Home for the Aged, Gerald concurred because of the belief that there are mostly two types of people that require most charity, people who REALLY need the help – the elderly with no family, and orphans. This seniors’ home fell into 1 of the categories!

What change will be made?

“As is in line with the main objective of this cause, it is to raise awareness amongst the youth in our generation about being more active and engaged in the community, and to actually realize the potential that they have within themselves. Young people nowadays have to get off their apathetic bums and step up to actually DO something. The change I am looking to bring is to actually show them that they can DO something about the situation rather than to keep reacting to the situation. Only dead fish flow with the current.”

What is his event about?

The tiny idea on how to raise funds for 50for50 came when Gerald was just having a drink with one of the member’s of the organizing committee of 50for50. It comes in mainly two parts:

1) Multiple Screenings of a Moive – Ping Pong
2) Carrying out an event – a Ping Pong Tournament (of course with recreational participation as well)

The multiple screenings of the movie Ping Pong will have to happen first, to raise awareness in the society that age is but a number. This ties in perfectly with the fact that the cause supports elderly people in need (and also evokes feeling in the youth):

“If that old foggy can play such active ping pong, what am I doing lazing around on a couch after a day job whereby I spent 8 hours sitting behind a desk?”
“What have I been doing with my life?”
“Why am I not chasing my passions and doing things that matter?”
“If this old lady can do it. Why can’t I?”

This little excerpt from the movie provided by Gerald says it all.

Want to watch the movie?

Date: 10th January 2015

Venue: *SCAPE Auditorium (1st Floor)

Time: 4pm to 9pm

Price: SGD20/pax

Highlights: Movie Screening (Ping Pong Documentary) + Dinner + Fringe Activities
Tickets are on sale now til 31st December 2014 on first come first served basis.

Support Gerald’s campaign and donate to St Andrew’s Cathedral Home for the Aged here and see you at the event! For ticket sales, please contact andrew@shiok.sg.

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