2014 Halloween Events in Singapore

Ok, look, I get it. Celebrating Hallows’ Eve here in Singapore may not be the biggest thing here in Singapore but that has certainly not stopped this lot  from succeeding. From ridiculously grandiose haunted houses within theme parks to zombie-chasing themed runs to Trick ‘N ‘Treating in the heartlands, SHIOK! will have you covered.

Universal Studios Singapore’s Halloween Horror Nights 4

Let’s put some of the more popular ones aside, starting with USS’S Halloween Horror Nights. Priced at $68 for a general admission’s ticket (alongside other options), the attraction challenges thrill seekers through a never ending barrage of jump scares and spooky atmosphere across four stunningly crafted zones with four haunted houses. Good fun with a group of friends, especially so if you are looking for a night out without the need to put on a costume or mask they are not allowed in the park.

Sentosa Spooktacular

From 7pm to 1am(with last entry at 930pm) Fort Siloso would also be hosting their own Sentosa Spooktacular. Boasting 3 zones in collaboration with Thai movie productions studio GTH, the trails will be themed based on their hit movies , Swimmers, ALONE, Countdown. It is going to cost you however, at $68 for a standard ticket. Dejiki provides an excellent review of the 2013 event, if you need further confirmation of its impending awesomeness.



Dodgeball Association of Singapore also promises an afternoon of fun at the Taman Jurong CC on the 19th of October. Come in with a team of six or by yourself in your best costumes and stand a chance to win a Golden Mask trophy. Tickets information is available here.

Doors to ‘Hell’oween


Boasting a Haunted House and a room escape activity alongside a carnival, Downtown East’ offering requires you to buy separate tickets for the first two attractions. Relatively new, the attraction and the park itself makes for a perfect get away with friends and family who wish for a bit of Halloween scare.

Run For Your Lives Singapore 2014

Run For Your Life

Run For Your Lives has been creating quite a buzz  all over the World  . So when it came to Singapore, naturally, everyone went slightly crazy over it. Can you really blame them though?  Zombies chasing you through a 5 km track riddled with obstacles  at West Coast Park right by The Grand Lawn on the 25th of October , you can certainly see the appeal. The price is a bit steep at $89 for either roles but you are given a couple of goodies as well as make up if you choose to become a zombie.  Not interested in getting yourself dirty? The Apocalypse Party right by the run is an excellent place to unwind the evening away. Still not convinced?  Check out this video from January this year.


Have a Harrowing Halloween @ National Museum Singapore

Ghost Hunting

Want to do a little bit of ghost hunting and understand the technicalities of it? Why not join the fine folks of SPI( Singapore Paranormal Investigators)  as they conduct their investigations through the museum on the 25th of October.  Best part is ….it is free!


Museum of Horrors V: The Relic @ SCAPE


Want something a little more affordable and possibly more accessible ?  SCAPE’s Museum of Horrors promises its participants the traditional joys of being scared shitless in a Haunted House on the 31st of October. Tickets are priced at a relative affordable $20 for a standard ticket and $15 for a student one.


Race the Dead 2014

Raise Dead

Sentosa too promises to deliver with its own zombie race, including an after party at Zouk on the 31st of October! Priced at around $79 for both zombies and runners, the big difference being that this run would be at night so do expect a slightly bigger challenge. Completing the run as a survivor with at least 1 flag rewards you with a fancy badge for the competitive sorts out there.  Tickets are going fast however so hurry up if you want to have a somewhat healthy night out !



Trick or Treat @ Woodlands Woodgrove

Trick Treat

For those wanting a more traditional way to celebrate the festivities, the fine folks at Woodlands Woodgrove have decided to do just that. Opening up the estate to close to 5000 people every year on the 31st of October, people from all over Singapore indulge in the good ole ideals of wearing a silly costume and munching on a copious amount of candy. There is no registration. Just show up and have fun!  It is right by the Singapore American School at Woodgrove Drive from 6pm to 9pm. Possibly the best time you can ever have, especially with your kids.

Have a Halloween event that is not listed here? Comment below and we will add it into this post!




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